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How to Paint Cabinets in 5 Easy Steps

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Out with the old and in with the new! If you follow kitchen trends, you will see everyone has been remodeling their kitchen cabinets lately. We all love those quick and painless updates that make a huge difference in our homes appearance but is painting cabinets one of those? It can be!


Follow our steps and you will have a beautiful newly remodeled mobile home kitchen in a flash and without breaking the bank!


Before You Start

You will need to decide what exactly you want your finished mobile home ktichen cabinets to look like. There are so many options now to choose from like chalk paint, milk paint, glaze, wax, the list goes on forever.


Here are the basic steps you need to follow:



1. Select Paint Color and Buy Paint!

Girl holding paint color swatches


Regardless of the color, make sure to get a paint with primer in it! (While a lot of people love chalk paint, I’m a hug fan of any good quality paint from the local hardware store in an eggshell sheen.). 


2. Label and Take Off Your Cabinet Doors and Hardware/Hinges

Wood style cabinet and cabinet hinge


Don’t make the same mistake I did and forget the labeling! You’ll end up with a lot of doors and no clue which cabinet they go back on - it was a headache. 


3. Paint Both the Doors and the Cabinet Frame

painting kitchen cabinets


Depending on your paint, you may need to do a second coat, just make sure all the wood is covered.


4. Apply Wax or Glaze (Optional)

Cream Country Style Cabinet and Hardware


If you have chosen to use a glaze or wax over the top (this gives your cabinet the distressed look without any sanding), you will do that here. You can buy these at your local hardware store.


Apply the wax/glaze in the creases of your cabinets. You can also apply it to the flat areas and just wipe the excesses so that it still tints the paint for you.


5. Once Completely Dry, Reassemble your Cabinets and Enjoy!

Mobile Home Kitchen and Dining Room Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry


Regardless of what paint or glaze you decide to use, your kitchen will look like a completely new room. If you are in need of some inspiration, check out some of these beautiful mobile home remodels where mobile homeowners overhauled not just their cabinets and kitchens, but entire homes! Get manufactured home remodel ideas from these clever homeowners.


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