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How to Mulch Around Your Manufactured Home

Landscaping is about personalizing and being creative with the extra space in your yard. There are numerous ways to give your manufactured home curb appeal and one of the best ways to do that is to add fresh mulch to your landscaping.


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Today, I’m going to be talking about do’s and don’ts of mulching, and other simple landscaping tips for your manufactured home.


Manufactured Home Landscaping Dos:

Manufactured Home Exterior Landscape


Do – start by weeding the area around your home or garden that you plan on mulching. Mulch will help minimize weeds, but first you need to get rid of any existing weeds.


Do – use a base material, such as landscape fabric, under the mulch to block any unwanted weeds. You should cut properly sized holes in the base material before mulching if you want to grow any plants, shrubs or trees in the area.


Do – pick the color of your mulch that will accent the exterior color themes of your home. You can also contrast your mulch color with certain flowers or the color theme of your garden.


Do – place mulch around the base of your trees to create a moist, weed-free area, especially for younger trees.


Do – keep the mulch to a minimum when you get near a garden edge. Simply look at the amount you have and decide if you need more mulch or if you need to thin it out.


Do – occasionally add new mulch. By occasionally I don’t mean monthly, but once or twice a year depending on which type of mulch you’re using.


Do – leave a small gap between your home and the mulch to prevent pests from easily reaching your home.  



Manufactured Home Landscaping Don’ts:

Mobile Home Stone Mulching


Don't – plant tall shrubs and trees near your manufactured home. This will help you keep from staining your siding. It also helps prevent roots from intruding your home. A great idea for visual appeal is to plant small shrubs that won’t grow taller than your skirting material. Cover the ground around the shrubs with a gravel or rock material. This will let you avoid potential skirting damage from weed whacking grass edging around your skirting. You also get to integrate beautiful greenery around the perimeter of your home.


Don’t – assume all mulch is the same. There are numerous types of mulching options including shredded bark, cocoa mulch, pumice rock and straw mulch that each have their own pros and cons. Do research to figure out what type is most appropriate for moisture levels and weather in your area as well as the best for the plants you desire to grow.


Don’t – use too much mulch. For a standard mulching job around your manufactured home, which means mulching to conserve moisture and repel weeds, I recommend using around 3-5 inches.


Don’t – be afraid to completely re-mulch. If you’re unhappy with your current mulch or believe there’s a lot of built-up mulch, remove it and start over with a fresh layer.


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Start by using these tips to mulch as you begin coming up with landscaping ideas for your manufactured home. The more creative you are with your outdoor space, the more welcoming your home will appear to guests.


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