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How to Efficiently Move Your Stuff Into Your New Home

Whether you’re moving into your own place for the first time, or if it isn’t your first rodeo, there are a lot of things to remember when moving out and into your new home. To make moving your belongings to your new home easier, follow our steps to move your stuff and make the process easier.


Steps to Packing and Moving Your Belongings


1. Make a moving list  – Decide what you will take and what will you pitch. There are things you don’t need as you start a fresh chapter, so don’t take them.


Cleaning Out Closet Pitch Clothing

2. Remember all your furniture – And when you pack up, load the larger pieces first in your truck or moving vehicle. Don’t forget to cushion pieces with bubble wrap or blankets.


3. Grab some helping hands – Remember that time you moved your best friend into his new place? Yeah, he owes you.


Two Friends Talking Walking

4. Set a date and time – Let your helping hands know the specific day and time that you’ll need their help. Being upfront with your friends about your move is a great way to avoid conflict later.

5. Incentivize your friends – Need help asking your friends to help you move? Bribing them with caffeine and snacks usually gets them to show up.


Making Coffee Snacks for Friends

6. Buy moving supplies – Prepare for the move with boxes, tape, sharpies, bubble wrap or other protection for breakable items, etc.

7. Make sure you have proper transportation – You might want to rent a moving truck…or two.

8. Box things up by room – And label them accordingly. You can even color code them with duct tape to keep things simple and make your packing more efficient.

Pack Up Boxes Moving To Dos List

9. Load things efficiently  Put heavier things on the bottom or put things in your moving truck in the reverse order of what you want to unpack first. Put the stuff you want to unload last as the first items in the truck so that they come out last.

10. Take proper steps to move your pets – Make the transition process as comfortable as possible for your furry friends.

11. Have a plan of what to do when you arrive to your new home – Make a plan for where you want all of your belongings unloaded to, where everyone helping you move should park, where empty boxes and trash should go etc.

12. Unpack efficiently – Place your boxes in the rooms they belong in and unpack items based on what you will most likely need available first.


Moving Boxes Into New Home

13. Take breaks – Moving is hard work. Take some time to sip an ice cold beverage and relax.


Although the process of moving takes time and effort, you will love living in your new home and unpacking all your items as you make your new space fit your style.


New Homeowners Moving In


Remember, buying your home is a major life accomplishment! Celebrate with friends and family after you are settled with a housewarming party.

Throw Your Housewarming Party

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