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How to Maximize Your Tiny Vacation Home

A great way to use one of our Designer Series tiny homes is to use it as your second home located in your favorite vacation spot. Forget hotels and bed & breakfasts. They might be nice, but availability and prices change each year. When you make your tiny home your vacation home, you can maximize your money, your time and your vacation experience.


Maximize With Must-Haves

Designer Tiny Home Low Country Exterior

The Low Country Designer Series tiny home


In a small space, you need to pack light and keep your tiny home stocked with just the essentials. But vacation essentials are a little different than your day-to-day belongings. We’ve compiled a list of 5 items for different vacation spots across the country so you can maximize your vacation in your tiny home and still have plenty of space to relax.


We’ve shared a number of decorating and space-saving ideas from some other retailers below.


Must-Haves for Any Tiny Vacation Home

California Vacation Palm Trees


1. Tiny coffee maker

You don’t have room for a bulky coffee machine, so a petite coffee maker that mounts under your cabinets and saves you counterspace is the way to go. A small French press coffee maker is also a great way to go.


French Press Coffee


2. Cozy Monogrammed Blanket

What happens when it rains during your vacation or when the temperatures start dropping? You’ll want to cozy up inside and relax with a soft blanket and a movie or book. Get a soft, monogrammed throw that goes with your design style and lets you add a personal piece to your tiny retreat.


3. Bottle and Glass Holder

You’ll probably want to enjoy your tiny vacation home with some wine, but you need to maximize that cabinet and counter space. Use a beautiful, engraved bottle and glass rack to maximize your wall space and make your tiny getaway feel more like home!


4. Someone to Manage Your Home

You’re not there most of the year, so make sure you have someone to take care of your tiny home and your property for you. It’d be horrible to show up to your tiny home and have furniture to dust, counters to clean, grass to cut and bushes to trim. Having someone maintain your vacation home can also deter burglars and vandals.


5. Games

Whether you get stuck inside because of the weather or just want to enjoy an evening at home, games are a great vacation activity. If you’re looking for laughs, keep a game that makes you wear a dental mouth guard while you talk.


Strategy games that pit family members against each other are always interesting and of course, keep around a classic deck of cards. Games, especially cards, don’t take up as much room as a video game console. Play at the kitchen counter or keep a small multipurpose table with storage in your tiny home!


Maximize Your Tiny Beach or Lake Getaway

Rocky Beach


1. Outdoor Shower

You don’t want to bring in sand and dirt from days on the beach. Set up an outdoor shower station so you can rinse off and enjoy bathing in the great outdoors. It’ll help you keep your beautiful tiny home clean and expands your tiny living space.


2. Nautical Dishes

If you’re spending lazy mornings near the beach, of course you need some nautical dishes to add to your beach experience. Beachy mugs with each person’s initial or a set of crustacean themed plates and serving ware will add to your vacation experience.


3. Coastal Bedding

Bedding that’s blue, white and beige screams beach retreat. Outfit your tiny home bedroom with casual coast themed bedding or sea shell themed bedding that you can sink into each night on vacation. Plus, light colors help open up the space and make your bedroom feel bigger.


4. Outdoor Furniture

Enjoy the sunshine while you’re on vacay by keeping great outdoor furniture options at your beach home. For your back or front patio, set out a great set of reclining Adirondack chairs.


And for your day trips to the beach, stow away some folding beach chairs that you can easily carry to the shore. You can expand your living space with outdoor furniture and enjoy nature during your vacation.


Chairs Outside on Sand Under Tree


5. Paddle Coat Hangers

We’re all about space maximization in your tiny vacation home, so bring in a nautical space saver with paddle coat hangers. You can hang towels to dry or rain jackets and other beach gear on your wall and save closet and floor space.



Maximize Your Tiny Hunting Retreat

Open Field and Trees 

1. Antler Towel or Coat Rack

Maximize your wall space while incorporating your favorite vacation hobby into your design with an antler towel or coat rack.  You can save space and add flair to your tiny hunting retreat.


2. A Welly Stand

Whether you’re fly fishing or going into the woods with your wellies on, you don’t want to bring your dirty wellies into your tiny vacation home. Build or buy a clever welly stand that you can mount outside or set on your front porch. Regardless, leave those wellies outside to free up space inside and keep out mud.


3. Wall Rack for Your Gear

Your tiny home is a perfect getaway spot, but you need to maximize space so you can store all your hunting essentials. If you’re a bow and arrow enthusiast, mount an arrow rack on the wall. If you’re fishing all day, get a fish themed rod rack.  And if you’re hunting with guns, pick up a rustic gun rack for your wall.


4. Wall Bottle Opener

When it’s time for a drink after a long day of hunting, pop open a bottle with a clever wall mounted bottle opener. It’ll even catch the bottle caps for you.


5. Cabin Bedding

Make your tiny hunting home a cozy place to retreat each evening with classy cabin bedding. When you sink into plush, earthy toned bedding or classy plaid bedding with animal accents, you’ll fall asleep dreaming of the one that got away.

Maximize Your Tiny Mountain Home

Oregon Mountains and Scenery

1. Boot Cleaning Brush

When you spend your vacation time outside in the beautiful mountains, this small boot cleaner is the perfect way to make sure you don’t track in mud or debris. You can set it outside on your porch or tuck it right inside you front door.


2. A Hiking Map Art Piece

Make a double duty art piece out of a local area map. Frame a map of your favorite local hiking trails or outdoor recreation spot. You can mark where you’ve been and keep your outdoor adventures as both an art piece and a tribute to many vacation memories.


3. Wall Storage for Winter Gear

If you plan to ski or snowboard during your vacation, you’ll want to make sure you have good gear storage options. Maximize space in your tiny home with a wall ski rack or a snowboard wall rack.


4. An Inflatable Hot Tub

It seems like most cabin getaways have a hot tub, so yours should have one too. You can either set up your inflatable hot tub as soon as you arrive for vacation (since it takes some time to heat up all that water), or you can have your property management people set it up in advance for you. The best part is being able to expand your vacation space outside of your tiny home.


5. A Fire Pit

Fire Pit and Table


Another way to expand your vacation living space is by setting up a fire pit and enjoying evenings outdoors. Surround your fire pit with sturdy tree stumps for seating so that you don’t have to worry about where you’ll store your seating when the weather’s not as nice.

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Don’t forget to keep your tiny vacation home stocked with essentials like extra trash bags, cleaning supplies, cooking ware and a first-aid kit. In addition to our tiny vacation home must-haves above, check out this list of other things that every summer home should have and enjoy a luxurious vacation in your tiny home.


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