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Maximizing Your Downsize: What Possessions To Pitch


Ask anybody having a garage or yard sale and they’ll tell you how nice it is to get rid of stuff you don’t need. Ever since the size of homes starting rising in the 70’s, Americans have found more things to fill their larger and larger houses.


Whether you’re downsizing to find a simpler life in a smaller manufactured home, downsizing into a tiny home or just looking to de-clutter everything in your life by downsizing your possessions, the following tips will help you get the most from your downsizing experience!


Plan Ahead

Getting Ready to Move Downsize

Any downsizing plan, whether you’re downsizing your space or just your stuff, starts with setting some goals. When buying a manufactured home, you’ll be able to find your usable space before you even move in and start “placing” your possessions mentally around the home.


You can also downsize your stuff by asking your home consultant about built-in features, such as built-in entertainment centers, that let you pitch furniture or other extra items!


If you’re moving from one home or apartment to a new manufactured home, you should consider setting a limit to what you bring into your new abode


One way to set this limit and downsize your possessions is to rent a truck and only bring what fits into it. You could also decide that you won’t buy anything new and only take what you already own. Either way, whatever isn’t essential can be donated or sold in that yard sale we talked about earlier.



Stop Being so Sentimental

Family Heirloom on Dresser


I’m not saying you can’t keep family heirlooms, but people tend to attach memories to objects that are just old and taking up space. Tools, clothes, furniture—you name it and people will find a reason to keep it.


While some items have a special connection to someone, most of your stuff is probably stuff that you have a new version of now. If it’s not serving you and it wasn’t precious to the original owner, it’s just killing your de-cluttering momentum. Pitch it and keep stuff that is truly an extension of your personal style!



Start With Clothes

Cleaning Out Home Closet Pitch Clothing


Men and women alike are guilty of holding on to clothes that they never wear because they “may need it one day.” Unless it’s a suit or dress that you only wear to weddings or funerals, donate everything that you have not worn in a year.


For a longer, more calculated approach to downsizing your belongings, arrange your clothes where the front of all your clothes are facing one direction. As your wear clothes and put them back up, face them the other direction. Whatever hasn’t been worn after a full year, give it away.



Simplify Your Kitchen

Dempsey Simplified Clean KitchenThe Dempsey model by TRUmh


Of all the rooms in your home, your family spends the most time together in the kitchen. As a result, everyone’s kitchen tends to accumulate lots of appliances, dishes and other kitchen tools that are simply unnecessary.


Start to downsize your kitchen possessions by throwing away or donating any “one-trick pony” appliances. Things like rice cookers, Panini presses waffle makers and toasters can all be bulky appliances that take up room and never get used.


Dishes are another group that tend to pile up. While some still choose to have nice china for special events, many homeowners are choosing sturdy dishes that can be used for everyday dining or dressed up for holidays.


Couple Excited to Move

The best part of downsizing when you move is that it forces you to get rid of clutter. To have the space in your new home to enjoy friends and family, you’ll have to get rid of unnecessary stuff!


Plus, decluttering will save you time and money in the long run. Even if you're not moving, downsizing your belongings will free up your space, time and money!


Have any more tips for maximizing your downsizing journey? Let us know on Facebook! We could all use a little less clutter!


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