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How to Inspect Your Manufactured Home Post-Winter

Although spring and summer weather are not especially hard on your manufactured home, winter weather could have caused problems that will affect you later in the season.


Manufactured Home Exterior Maintenance


The following tips are a few areas of your manufactured or modular home that you should inspect to ensure that your home is sound and comfortable. Luckily, yearly maintenance on your manufactured is pretty simple!


How to Check Mobile Home Siding

Check Manufactured Home Siding


The polymers used to make vinyl and fiber cement siding have come a long way in the past 10 years, but extreme weather conditions can still cause problems.


This last winter, for example, most of the country experienced unseasonably warm days followed by unusually cold storms. These intense temperature swings can cause vinyl to shrink, expand and warp. However, shrinking and expanding of the vinyl has been taken into account during your home building, and any changes can usually be repaired by pulling the vinyl back into place.



  • Look for the affected area
  • See if you can pull your vinyl back into place
  • If you need new siding, take a sample of your siding to match the color at a local hardware store
  • Purchase new siding
  • Replace with the new boards ASAP to keep the elements out


Though vinyl siding usually goes back to its original shape, gaps do occur in siding. Thankfully, if gaps do occur that may allow moisture to penetrate your siding, today’s siding is built to be easily replaced. To do some spring cleaning on your vinyl siding, try washing it with a mild soap and water mixture!


If your home has fiber cement siding, you'll want to check your caulking and paint this spring. 


How to Check Mobile Home Skirting

Check Manufactured Home Skirting


Below your siding, the bottom of most manufactured homes are covered with skirting. This spring, regardless of your skirting material, make sure the vents in your home's skirting are open and unobstructed.


If you have vinyl skirting on your home, just like with siding, frequent temperature swings can cause gaps in vinyl skirting to develop.


In order to keep the elements and curious critters out from underneath your manufactured home, inspect the sides and bottom of your skirting to make sure the pieces line up with each other and make contact with the bottom track.


If your home has skirting made of a natural material like stone, it is especially important to look for cracks caused by water seeping into lines and freezing, which makes bigger cracks as the water freezes and expands.


How to Check Mobile Home Pipes

Check Manufactured Home Plumbing


Like siding, pipes and plumbing fixtures occasionally break during temperature swings. Most of the country experienced at least a few days last winter that dipped well below freezing.


To check your piping, go under your home and look for any areas that have accumulated water. If you look carefully with a flashlight, you can see where small amounts of water may have accumulated or, in the worst case, mold has developed. If this is the case:


  • Figure out how to stop the leak
  • Remove the source of mold
  • Evaluate the state of your home's plumbing system


You should also check to make sure the vapor barrier under your home is intact and that water is not pooling under your home. Hiring a professional plumber is always a good investment if whole pipes or systems need to be fixed or replaced.



How to Check Mobile Home Roofing

Check Manufactured Home Roofing


Manufactured homes are made with a variety of roofing material, but asphalt shingles are the most popular. Inside, start by inspecting every inch of your home’s ceiling to make sure that water is not leaking through.


Usually, you will be able to quickly detect a problem in bedrooms, living rooms and the kitchen, but areas like large closets, spaces above cabinets and guest rooms could develop small water stains that are not immediately noticeable.


If you come across a leak, call a local roofing repair company or safely seal the leak and replace the section of roofing yourself.


You can also check your roof exterior too this spring to make sure no shingles are loose or damaged, which can help you prevent leakage problems before they even begin! If you do not feel comfortable evaluating your roof's exterior or climbing on top of your home, please contact a local professional to help you.



How to Check Mobile Home Roofing


How to Check Mobile Home Air Conditioning

Check Manufactured Home Air Conditioner


The temperature may be pleasant now, but a 90 degree day in late June is not the time to realize that your air conditioner needs servicing.


Because your air conditioning system has been sitting unused through the colder months, it may need new belts depending on your home's HVAC system or lubrication to ensure smooth operation. It is a good idea to have your A-coil professionaly cleaned and inspected to prolong the life of your HVAC system. 


Though some servicing requires the expert hand of an HVAC technician, many air conditioning companies will post ways to maintain and service your system before the summer heat arrives. For example, make sure to change your air filter as the seasons change!



If you do need to replace siding, skirting or any other materials in your home, find out where to get mobile home replacement parts!


 Where to Get Replacement Parts

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