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How to Host an Elegant Outdoor Dinner Party with a Tiny Home

When you own a Designer Series tiny home, your friends and family will naturally long to visit you in your beautiful space. You are not limited to enjoying your indoor environment though. Tiny homes are a perfect way to reconnect with nature and make the most of the great outdoors.


Both the Saltbox and the Low Country feature large front porches where you can entertain and enjoy your surroundings. The Saltbox also has a charming back porch where you can appreciate sunrises and sunsets daily. But preserve your back porch as your quiet getaway!


Tiny Home Back Porch and Family


When you entertain friends and family, maximize your front patio and outdoor space with these tips to take in all that your surroundings offer.


1. Create a Designated Entertaining Area

Fire Pit and S'mores Outside Tiny Home


Whether it’s setting up a permanent pergola, designing your own stone patio with a fire pit in the middle or investing in a beautiful, water-resistant outdoor dining set, create an entertainment space that you can enjoy time after time, no matter the occasion.



2. String Lights Across Trees

Child and Dog at Outdoor Dinner Party


Not only are stringed lights rather trendy, they are a practical way to light your lawn for lovely evenings outdoors.


You can also hang battery powered tealights from branches with fishing wire to create a floating candle effect.


3. String Décor Through Trees 

After you choose your lighting, consider hanging other décor that fits your party theme.


For instance, if you’re hosting a birthday celebration, string rope across tree branches and use clothespins to hang picture memories of the birthday guest with their friends and family.

To add elegance to evening feasts, loop linen fabric loosely across branches and over your dinner table to add color and class to your environment. If trees allow for it, you can even create a clear party space by hanging streamers as backdrop boundaries.


4. Choose Chilled and Room Temperature Foods

Tiny Home Dinner Party Table Setting


People love to enjoy a fresh, steaming meal, but room temperature and chilled entrees will be both easier to prepare ahead of time and easier to keep at the proper temperature. You can set chilled dishes in buckets with ice or simply set out room temperature foods.


If you want to serve a steaming, hot dish, maximize your time and use a crockpot so you can serve it whenever your guests arrive for the evening.


5. Let Your Guests Cook a Little

Young Couple Roasting S'mores


Every great outdoor entertainer knows that a fire pit is a necessity. Let your guests maximize your fire pit by letting them roast s’mores or even by cooking up part of their meal. Cooking with the fire pit allows you to serve up a hot entrée without as much work.


Put a grill plate over your fire pit and instruct your dinner guests to follow this Bag Kabobs recipe. It consists of them cooking bagged vegetables and meat in foil bags over the fire pit, but have enough food prepared in case one of your lovely guests goes horribly wrong with their do-it-yourself dinner. Memories and laughs will certainly come out of your fire pit feast.



6. Extend Your Tiny Home Space with a Clear Path

Elevate your dinner party in a fresh way by treating your guests to a red-carpet effect. Whether you choose red fabric, a white runner, burlap or stepping stones, extend your party space by creating a path from your patio to your dining area.


You can heighten your class with mood lighting along the path. Options to line your path and to help anchor fabric runners to the ground include pillar candles in decorative bowls with sand, solar powered torches or flame patio torches. One perk of real flame garden torches is that they can help keep away mosquitoes as you enjoy your evening outdoors.


7. Personalize the Table

Tiny Home Dinner Party Table Setting and Food


To make your party guests feel welcome and remembered, personalize each place setting with a custom, hand-written name placard. You can add some flair and fun by adding a unique trivia question to each placard that the guest must ask the whole dinner party!


Take the personalization another step further by using wine glass markers that are their favorite colors, animals or their first initial.


Outdoor Tiny House Dinner Party


Hosting a charming, welcoming and elegant dinner party with your tiny home is a breeze when you take advantage of your natural settings.


While there is more than enough room to enjoy a dinner with friends inside your tiny home, Designer Series tiny homes are conducive for letting your dinner party spill out into your surroundings. Maximize your outdoor space and natural settings with these tips to host a lovely evening with some of your favorite people.

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