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How To Get Ready For The School Year In Your Manufactured Home

It's just about that time again—school is back in session! Here are five tips for getting your manufactured home in order before the back to school rush begins.


1. Get Yourself Organized First

 modern study nook

         The Study Nook in the GLE661K model by Clayton


If you're trying to get your kids organized for school, it all starts with you! As the saying goes, “if Mama ain’t organized, nobody’s organized!” or something like that. A great way to get started is by building a command center. Set up a desk area for yourself or an organizational wall display where you can keep up with calendars, mail, supplies and more!


Lulamae Farmhouse Desk Nook

         Built-in desk in the Lulamae model by Buccaneer


When you’re shopping for a new manufactured home for your family, ask about built-in office and desk options, like this one in the Lulamae model by Buccaneer and the one in the Fusion model by Clayton. Or take on your own project and create a wall dedicated to organization. This command center from One Creative Housewife is the ultimate family organizing tool!  



2. Make a Family Calendar

wall calendar in the Island Breeze mobile home

         The Island Breeze Model by Clayton


There’s nothing worse than taking the wrong child to the wrong baseball field on the wrong night! To prevent those scheduling disasters, install an up-to-date family calendar where everyone can see it. This keeps the whole family informed and takes a little bit of pressure off you!


Dry erase or chalk board calendars are ideal. It’s much easier (and prettier!) to wipe away a canceled play-date than to cross it out with pen on a paper calendar!



3. Establish a Daily Routine

chalkboard wall calendar with hooks

         The Island Breeze Model by Clayton


Setting a daily routine can teach kids responsibility and organization while taking some of the stress off parents during the day. Setting expectations up front and practicing daily tasks before the school year starts will help make the transition from summer to fall easier on everyone.


If you have younger children, you understand the importance of having a routine! Stick a dry erase or laminated check list on the fridge or their bedroom doors. Checking off tasks as they go allows them to feel involved and accomplished.   


This is a simple daily task chart from Crate & Kids Blog for younger kids. You can also get on the computer and make your own with fun graphics!



4. Give Your Students a Work Station


bunk bed desk combo

         Bedroom in the Thrill model by TruMH


Give your kids a work station and they'll keep themselves least, that's the idea.


Whether it’s in their bedroom or a separate space altogether, it’s important for kids to have a quiet place to do their homework and study. If a separate space for your kids to work and play in is on your home buying wish-list, the work space and built-in storage in the flex room featured in the Amazon model is perfect for you.


built in storagein the Amazon home model

         The flex room in the Amazon Model by Clayton


Here are a few ways to make the space as useful and cozy as possible:


  • Place hooks for your kids to hang their backpacks.
  • Add message boards to write fun notes or communicate the day's schedule and expectations. 
  • Keep their space bright, light and colorful! 



5. Organize Their Supplies


built in storage with cubbies and hooks

         The Revolution 76A model by Giles


Back to school means new supplies! Backpacks, lunchboxes and crayons can end up taking over your house before school even starts! Set up a spot where your kids can drop their backpacks as soon as they come inside. This will prevent clutter from piling up and you won’t be rushing to find where they left their backpacks in the morning.


If you have a lot of paper supplies to store, try refurbishing an old filing cabinet. Follow this step by step from HomeTalk to learn how to make a chalk board filing cabinet.


The end of summer can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips and getting the kids back to school will be a breeze!


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