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How to Declutter Room by Room for Free

 Staying organized is one of life’s many challenges. Are you looking for decluttering tips for hoarders? Decluttering your home may take some time, but will be worth it as you create more space in each room of your home.


If you’re in need of more space in your home, check out these room by room tips on how to declutter your home for little to no cost. You deserve a well-organized house you love coming home to!


How to Decide What to Pitch in Each Room

Decluttering Manufactured Home


Deciding what to get rid of can be hard, but the key to decluttering your home is to pitch all the unnecessary items. Check out these tips on how to decide what to keep and what the throw out.


  • Categorize items and focus on the categories

Sort through your excess belongings by category, such as books, clothing or gadgets and focus on every single item individually. Figure out which categories have the most items in them, and begin pitching items from the categories that aren’t necessary.


  • Remove items that don’t seem to really belong anywhere 

Do you have random things lying around like a clarinet you don’t play anymore or a game you’ve never played? Pitch it.


  • Sell things you don’t need, but hold value 

Do you have items in your house that you’re keeping just because of their worth, but you don’t ever use? Sell them online and profit from your unused clutter.


Declutter Your Bedroom

Organized Manufactured Home Bedroom

The Bliss model by TRUmh


Your bedroom is your personal, private place to relax and catch some Z’s. A lot of clutter in your bedroom could make it hard to sleep! So, why wouldn’t you want to keep it as neat and clutter free as possible? Check out these tips on how to declutter your bedroom.  


  • Pick a regular day to spend 30 minutes each week decluttering your bedroom. This smart organization tactic will make it seem like less of a monstrous task.

  • Look for items you no longer use or need.
Are there any decorations you have laying around that you know you’ll never hang? Candles you never burn? Clothing you never wear? Get rid of these items.

Pitch items that aren’t family heirlooms or that you don’t have some sort of strong emotional connection with. Are you really going to care about this item in 5 years? If not, pitch it.



Declutter Your Bathroom

Decluttered Clean Bathroom

The 7632-17 Freedom model by Schult


If you’re like me, the bathroom is your personal oasis to get ready and to treat yourself with a nice bubble bath or beauty items. However, these beauty products stack up and the bathroom looks like a cosmetics store after Black Friday shopping. Use these tips to declutter your bathroom.


  • Organize your drawers 

Depending on what items you have and how much storage space you have, start by cleaning out your drawers entirely. Choose what types of products each drawer should host, such as a makeup drawer, skincare drawer, etc. Then, put some liners in your drawers to protect your cabinets from future potential spills.


  • Get rid of products you no longer use 

You know that lipstick you bought two years ago but only wore once? Yeah, it’s time to get rid of that. Look at all the products you have and if you haven’t used them within the last 6 months to a year, get rid of them to make space for what you really use. It’ll help you declutter and get rid of products that might have old bacteria and germs.


  • Create drawer and cabinet organizers 

Stop dealing with your bathroom essentials lying around in a heap. Things like drawer organizers, creative countertop storage towers or do it yourself distressed mason jars for makeup brush storage are great ways to keep all of your essentials gathered neatly.


  • Throw out packaging 

If you have things still in their original packaging, take them out and throw away the boxes. Packaging just takes up extra space.


I get it. Hotel toiletries often smell good and their tiny sizes are fun. But are they necessary? Probably not. Set them free or stash them in a special place for when you need them for travel


Declutter Your Kitchen

Manufactured Home KitchenThe St. Croix model by Norris


The kitchen can get crazy enough while cooking, so you need all the room you can get. Plus, it is one of the best places in your house to show off to friends and family. Use these tips to keep your kitchen organized.


If you’re just starting the decluttering process, choose one space in your kitchen to work on each week. Start with a space like the fridge and then move onto cabinets, drawers, pantries and more.


  • Organize your refrigerator

Keep similar food items together like dairy, red meat, poultry, produce etc. This will make it easier to locate the exact items you need when you need them for cooking.


  • Organize by expiration date 

Don’t let older food items hide out in the fridge. Keep products that are going to expire first on the front rows of your shelves so you’ll use them first or remember to throw them away once they hit expiration.



Declutter Your Closet

Cleaning Out Closet


Closet spaces are often one of the most important and most forgotten spaces to declutter. However, you can organize your clothes and shoes with a few closet organization tips.


  • Start from the beginning

Take all of your items out of your closet to help you decide what to keep, what to pitch and where you want to place everything back in that you decide to keep.


  • Pitch clothes that don’t fit, are no longer in style or that you simply don’t wear

If you have a lot of clothes taking up too much space, get rid of items you no longer wear. You can even donate them to a local charity to give them to someone who needs them more. A trick to figuring out what you do or don’t wear is turning all your clothes hangers backwards for three months. As you wear items, put them back the correct way. After three months, it’s time to rid your closets of what you didn’t wear.


  • Get a hanging shoe rack 

Make more space in your closet by using a hanging shoe rack. You’ll create some floor space for boxes and be able to quickly browse your shoe options each morning.


  • One-for-one
To prevent yourself from hoarding clothes in the future, donate one piece of clothing every time you buy a new item.



Declutter Your Living Room

Decluttered Clean Mobile Home Living Room

The CMB28603L model by Clayton


Since the living room is the place you will spend a lot of time with your family or entertaining guests, it is important to keep it neat and with plenty of space. Use these living room decluttering tips to open up your living area.


  • Toss out old magazines and newspapers 

Throw out old issues every time you get new ones. You likely won’t go back to read that old issue, so cut it up for the scrapbook or just pitch toss it in the recycling bin.


Does your family room or bedroom have built-in shelves or storage? Use built-in features as functional spaces to house some of your items.


  • Clean up your entertainment center 
Having a nice movie collection is nice to show-off, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. Donate or sell movies you don’t watch anymore.



Declutter Your Home Office


The GLE528F model by Golden West


Do you have a home office that contains files on top of files and notes on top of notes? Clean up your office space with these decluttering tricks.


  • Utilize cloud storage 

If you have hard copies of files and notes that could be uploaded digitally, invest in some cloud storage and scan these files in.


  • Shred items you no longer need

If you have files that are years old you know you will no longer need, or that are now uploaded to cloud storage, shred them and toss!


  • Organize office supplies 

Organize and then purge or store the excess supplies. If you have lots of sticky notes and notepads, keep out just what you need and store the rest away to keep your desk space open.


If you have items you must keep, purchase extra storage containers that can easily be stacked and aligned on walls with drawers for easy access. Put like items in the drawers or bins and label each one.


Once you've decluttered every room in your home, it's time to start creating your fresh organization system.

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