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A Guide On How to Create the Perfect Patio



As summer inches closer and we all continue to improve the appearance of our backyards, having a well kept patio can be essential.


If you’ve been following along our outdoor series, then you know in landscaping there are many components, and it’s similar in creating a successful patio. As a key factor to outdoor entertaining, the setup of your patio is very important.




Steps to Designing the Perfect Patio

If you are at the beginning stages, then you have a lot of room to work with.


1. Map It Out

You should figure out:

  • Where you want the patio to be
  • The size of it
  • What it will be used for
  • What kind of outdoor furniture you will use
  • If you will have a gazebo 
  • How many guests you'll normally have for space and seating


Even though it will be outside, you can treat it like it’s another room in your house! 


If you already have a patio and you are strictly looking to improve it, then you can start out by looking for areas that can be upgraded and figuring out if you want to keep the current style of your patio.


2. Keep With The Theme

Whether you have an old patio or a creating a new one, one of the best patio ideas is to match the style of your house. Similar to how you would do with any other design, start with color. Consider the surrounding landscape and even the area you live in – do you need to add more color or just mix it up? 


3. Choose Furnishings

Next you should decide on your patio furniture – in my opinion, this can be one of the most important decisions. You definitely want your patio to look good, but if you are planning on entertaining guests, then comfy furniture is a must.


There a countless outdoor furniture pieces that look good AND are comfortable. Besides, everyone knows how pleasing it is to take a cat nap on a welcoming couch on the patio. 


If and when you are selecting a table and chairs, keep in mind the location. If there’s no shade, then you don’t need outdoor furniture that is going to be too hot to sit on during the summer –find some sort of patio furniture that allows you to incorporate an umbrella to provide shade. 


One major key to patio furniture is considering the weather in your area. If there are typically high winds or if your porch is high up in elevation, then your pieces may need to be a little bit heavier or anchored to your patio. Keep in mind that if you incorporate an umbrella for shade you’ll need to take it down when bad weather is on its way.



4. Add Lighting And Accessories


Now to add some accessories. As far as decorating ideas, the possibilities are truly endless. An outdoor rug is a terrific way to integrate color and style while also adding protection from a hot floor if your patio is one that lacks shade.


Or perhaps you want to incorporate outdoor patio lighting, a fire pit to cozy up next to or even just add some color and texture with container gardening – they are all great choices when you are creating the perfect patio. 


From the exterior of your home to your interior, you deserve to have a manufactured home that perfectly reflects your unique style. Explore and check out manufactured home features and interior designs for inspiration you can use to create your perfect home! 


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