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How to Create a Spooky, Chic Halloween Tablescape

One of the most fun places to create a spooky scene for Halloween is your dining room table. Whether you want to use your Halloween tablescape to spook up your home for the season or to impress Halloween party guests, do-it-yourself Halloween table decorating lets you show off your chic style and creativity.


There are hundreds of different ways to create an eerie table scene at your home. From using non-traditional items like lace to fun dishware, there are no creative boundaries this season. Show off your spooky spirit with these do-it-yourself Halloween decorating tips!


Steps to Creating a Spooky, Chic Halloween Table Setting


Chic Halloween Table Settings


1. Pick a theme

Yes, the theme is Halloween, but focus even more this season to make your table pop. Base your table scene on a popular Halloween film, folktale or even just a sinister monster like ghosts or goblins. Centralize your table around this theme by choosing a few select items to get the point across and anchor the table. 


2. Use dark lace for an elegant touch

Black Lace Netting Table Runner


Keep your table classy but haunting this year by using dark colored lace in your table setting. Whether it is a black lace table cloth, or just a couple lace printed items, this decorating tip will add a chic touch to your table setting. The runner above was picked up at a dollar store!


3. Scatter colorful leaves

Halloween Tablescape


If you aren’t feeling the idea of lace on your tablescape, try scattering colorful leaves or even black leaves around your tablescape for a stylish touch. Whether fake or real, grab some of the deeper colors for a natural touch to your table. Above, we used black loose leafs and black leaves that had gold glitter on them. 


4. Set out skulls

Skeleton Hand on Plate


Traditional and eerie, skulls are an expected item that people always enjoy. Go with white skulls for a realistic look or try colored skulls to fit your color scheme. Either way, this traditional item is simple, yet haunting. As an alternative, above we used skeleton hands for a creepy effect. 


5. Add dark colored flowers

Halloween Purple Flowers Chic Tablescape


Another chic item that can enhance a haunting experience, dark flowers can add a creepy touch to your tablescape. Black roses, grey and dark brown flowers or even fake, deep purple or blood red flowers can add charm to your table.


6. Use pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkin Tablescape


Bring your jack-o-lanterns inside this Halloween by placing them on your dining room table. You can place candles inside for an illuminated touch or leave them empty. Guests will be delighted to find an expected item in an unexpected place. Carved white pumpkins are particularly trendy this year and a great way to create a chic, simple tablescape.


7. Top it off with dishware

Halloween Gold Rimmed Black Goblet


Finish your Halloween table setting with decorative dishware. Check out your local home store for plates with spiders, ghosts and other Halloween images on them. You can add extra flair with oversized gauntlets. A chic way to make your Halloween dishware pop is by buying all bronze dishware or even black dishware with gold rims!  


8. Host a party with creepy treats

After you have created your table setting, show it off by hosting a Halloween get together with friend and family. Whip up Halloween treats with dishes using gummy worms, candy skulls, blood colored icing, spider candies and more to draw people to your table. If Reese’s Pieces fit your color scheme, scatter them around your table or in small serving dishes.


9. Create a ghost lollipop centerpiece 

Functional, chic and tasty, making a mini-ghost lollipops bouquet to place in the center of your tablescape is a fun way to greet guests and add a little pop to your table. Place these treats in a carved out pumpkin, decorative Halloween bowl or cauldron bowl for a chic and delightful centerpiece this fall.


There are lots of different ways you can add personal, chic touches to your Halloween table setting. Have a competition with your friends and see who can create the best Halloween tablescape. Get creative, have fun and stay spooky!

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