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How to Build a Water Fountain in Your Backyard



If you’ve been looking for ideas for an attention-grabbing feature to add to your garden or a nice quiet spot to sit, relax and enjoy the sounds of nature, then you’re in the right spot.


In recent years, outdoor fountains and waterfalls have become very popular in gardens, and if they’re built correctly, these natural-looking features can also be low maintenance.


Today I am going to be walking you through a step-by-step on how to build a fountain, which should only take you a few days, at most!  


What Parts Do You Need for a Fountain?

There are four major components of a fountain:

  • Water – in a nonstop cycle of coming up through a pipe and dripping back down.
  • Pump – pushes the water up through the pipe.
  • Sculpture – constantly has water running on it.
  • Tub/Basin – serves as a reservoir for the water.


Preparing and Shopping for a Garden Water Fountain

You will need to find the perfect spot in your garden to place an outdoor water fountain.


When picking the spot, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. It needs to be accessible for future maintenance, and it will also need to be within reach of an exterior outlet to plug in the pump.


Once you’ve figured out the perfect location you’ll need to buy the tub. Local home improvement stores typically have a large selection of outdoor fountains for sale.


You will also need:

  • Submersible water pump and kit
  • Sturdy aluminum or fiberglass window screen
  • A few pieces of decking that are longer than the width of the hole
  • A sculpture that is made to be used as a fountain
  • Some landscaping rocks




How to Build Your Fountain

1. Use a shovel to dig a hole that is a couple inches deeper than the tub and is wide enough for it to fit into. Also, dig out a small trench from there to the exterior outlet.

2. Sit the tub down in the hole. Make sure that the rim of the tub is at ground level and that it is sitting level.

3. Once you have that secured you can put the pump in the middle of the tub and attach the interconnected tubes that came with it.

4. With utility scissors, cut a hole in the screen near one of the sides (large enough to reach your hand in and pull it out when needed and for the cord to go into) and a circle in the middle of the screen that will be large enough for the tube to come through.

5. Slide the screen down over the tube and make sure it is firmly on the ground.

6. Lay the decking down over the screen.

7. Slide the fountain sculpture down onto the tube until it’s sitting comfortably on the foundation that you’ve built.

8. Place the landscaping rocks around the screen and foundation of the sculpture to make it look more natural.

9. Put more than enough water in the tub to cover up the pump. (It may take you a few days to figure out how much and how often water needs to be added.)

10. Last, but not least, plug in and turn on the pump!


And there it is, the outdoor water fountain that you’ve always wanted in your garden. Check out my previous posts for more garden design ideas, lawn care tips and more!


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