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7 Ways to Go Green at Home

While Earth Day is a big day, it’s important that we do our part to take care of our planet all year! At Clayton, we pride ourselves on being as kind to the environment as we are to our employees and customers. Once you’ve gotten yourself settled into your Clayton Built® home, you can start looking at ways to keep your home as eco-friendly as possible!


Here are a few ideas:


Choose a Smart Thermostat

Man adjusting the temperature on an ecobee smart thermostat in his manufactured home


If you purchase a Clayton Built® home after October 2018, you’re in luck! Clayton has an exclusive partnership with ecobee, and your home will include an ecobee3 lite. This smart thermostat will help you to heat and cool your home while saving you energy (and even money!)


Switch to Alternative Cleaning Products

Woman gathering cleaning products from under the kitchen cabinets


Choosing cleaner alternatives to typical chemical based products will do lots for your home, health and the environment! Nontoxic cleaning products will be beneficial to the air quality in your home and the air outside your home as well. It’s also better for you and your family to avoid breathing in those harsh chemicals! There are alternatives for your everyday cleaning sprays and other products using common household ingredients like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide!


Cut Down on Paper Products

Man washing dishes in the sink of his manufactured home kitchen


This might be one of the most common ways for people to be more environmentally friendly. By cutting out things like single use paper plates, napkins and paper towels, you can drastically decrease the amount of waste you’re producing. Try using flour sack towels or microfiber cloths in place of paper towels, cloth napkins in place of paper and regular plates instead of paper, plastic or foam.


Another step you can take to decrease paper waste is to have all your bills sent to you digitally and go paperless on bank statements! Contact your bank, doctors’ offices, utilities and insurance companies to ask about switching to a paperless option!

Create a Recycling System for Your Home

Pull out garbage bin from kitchen cabinet in a manufactured home


Recycling can often seem like a hassle, but it can be really beneficial! There are a few ways to make it a little easier on you and your family to start recycling:


  • Schedule a pickup with your city or trash company
  • If pickup is not available near you, make a plan to drop your recycling off weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on the size of your family and the number of recyclables you use!
  • Set up specific bins for each type of recyclable if your trash company/recycling center requires separation. You could have a bin for plastic, one for cardboard and paper and one for glass, etc.
  • Get your kids involved. Talk to them about the importance of recycling and teach them how to properly dispose of recyclable products.


Repurpose and Reuse Jars & Bottles

Repurposed mason jars as storage and light fixture in a manufactured home


Instead of tossing those spaghetti sauce jars and spice containers, reuse them! I find myself storing all kinds of things in repurposed jars. From homemade sauces and dressings to hair accessories or cotton balls, you can always find a purpose for a jar instead of throwing it away!


Eat Local or Grow Your Own Food

Elizabeth Phillips tending to her vegetable garden outside her manufactured home in Texas


It’s crazy to think how far our food has to travel before it makes it to our table. Instead of rushing to the grocery store for your produce, try shopping for produce that is in season at a local farmer’s market or joining a CSA. This supports the local economy and reduces the pollution and environmental damage that can come from produce that has been sourced by a chain supermarket and traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles. Also, it often tastes better and fresher!


If you really want to take it to the next level, try growing your own food! It doesn’t take much space at all to raise herbs in pots or to grow tomatoes in large planters. It’s also extremely satisfying to cook with food that you grew with your own two hands!


Use Your Own Shopping & Produce Bags

Vegetables on display on a wooden crate at the Clayton Farmer’s Market


Finally, one of the simplest ways to reduce waste is to always carry your own shopping bags with you. Keep them in the trunk of your car and you’ll never be without them. By reusing bags, you’re keeping lots of flimsy plastic out of the landfill and away from wildlife that often falls prey to the millions of plastic bags that are tossed every year.


You can buy reusable bags at nearly every grocery store or order them in bulk online! They even have reusable mesh bags to put produce in. I hadn’t realized how many plastic bags I was using for every bell pepper, zucchini and cucumber I was purchasing! These bags are great for buying, storing and washing all those fresh fruits and veggies you love!


See? It’s not so hard to go green! Start by taking baby steps and you’ll be well on your way to a minimal waste lifestyle and saving the planet. Happy Earth Day from all of us here at Clayton!




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