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How Long Does it Take to Build a Manufactured Home?

At Clayton, we pride ourselves on being able to build new manufactured and modular homes efficiently. Some of our home building facilities, like our Clayton Bean Station facility, take 6-7 days to complete the home building process for a single manufactured home. Other manufactured home building facilities can build homes in as little as 2 days.


Mobile Home Building Interior of House 

Building manufactured homes in a short time period is part of how we save you money and make our homes more affordable. When home construction takes less time, we save on costs.


One way we can build so efficiently is because most of our materials are already measured and cut for the building process. For instance, the wood cabinets you see in the picture above have already been constructed by trained craftsmen and are ready to be properly installed in the home.


Why Does the Construction Time Vary?

You might have noticed as you browse through our many home options that we offer a wide variety of styles. When a home has more sections and has more customization options, it takes more time to build.


The simpler the home design, the faster the home can be built. Facilities that build many homes with a similar structure and design can build these homes quicker because of less variance in the building process.


So How Do You Build a Manufactured Home?

Mobile Home I-Frame Welding

You can check out a more complete look at our manufactured home building process on the Our Process page, but a quick overview of our manufactured home building steps looks like:


  1. Weld together the steel I-frame that upholds the home’s foundation
  2. Add insulation and the wooden floor frame to the steel I-frame

2 a. At the same time, exterior and interior walls are being built by other trained craftsmen

2 b. At the same time, roof trusses are being built and insulated

  1. Install the interior walls
  2. Begin adding cabinets and appliances
  3. Add exterior walls
  4. Install the roofing system
  5. Add details like shingles, doors, siding, exterior wrapping, windows and more
  6. Add finishing interior details like paint, trim, drywall and more
  7. Perform final inspections and send the home off to the home center


Before the home moves on to each step in the process, the next set of trained team members working on the home will make sure that the home meets all expectations and building requirements. If they find anything not up to our Clayton Built® expectations, they will send the home back to the previous team members and have them fix the home before they continue to work on the home.


Inside Mobile Home Building Factory 

We can complete all these steps efficiently in part because of our team of trained home builders. These home builders get trained and specialize in certain parts of the home building process.


For instance, one team member works on plumbing systems and that’s his specialty. Another team member works on flooring systems and that’s his job every day. Our team members work hard every day and know how to build a strong, durable home.



How Long Until I Can Get My New Manufactured Home?

Now, a question we often get is “How long it will take to get your new manufactured home after your purchase?” This varies based on the amount of home orders a facility receives from home centers they build for. 


You might hear someone refer to the buildup of home orders as the facility’s “backlog,” which can vary considerably from plant to plant. For instance, a home building facility could build your home in 6-7 days, but it may not begin that process for 5 weeks if there are several orders that were received before your home order from a home center. Each facility will have a different backlog and the amount of homes in backlog also varies seasonally.


Retail Center with Manufactured Home 

So, if you buy a manufactured home that’s already built and in-stock at your home center, the time it takes to get your home will likely be less. If you order a home that needs to be built and the home building facility has a large number of new home orders, it could take longer until you get your home and get to move in.


The Advantages of Building in a Facility

Mobile Home Construction at Factory


Clayton’s efficient manufactured home building process has many advantages:


  • We can minimize material waste
  • We can protect homes and workers from inclement weather
  • We can maximize our building efficiency and minimize your wait time
  • We can inspect the home and correct mistakes throughout the building process

  • And most importantly, in light of the current affordable housing shortage, we can make more housing options available to families like yours across the country


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