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How Does Manufactured Home Trade-In Work?


Different manufactured and modular home retailers across the country may offer trade-in programs for used mobile homes. These trade-in programs help homeowners like you find the next home of your dreams without having to worry about the home you already own!


The Mobile Home Trade-In Process


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If you’re interested in buying a new manufactured or modular home there are a couple different opportunities that could be available to you:


  • A home center could take your current manufactured home off your hands at no cost to you. This typically happens with homes that aren’t in ideal condition or don’t have as great of a trade-in value. While you may not receive any trade-in value toward your new manufactured home, you won’t have to worry about what to do with your current home.


  • A home center could take your current home off your hands and its trade-in value,as determined by the home center, could be applied toward your deposit to reduce the initial cost toward the new home you purchase at the home center that is accepting your trade.


*Talk to your home center about whether additional deposit funds are required on top of the trade-in value.


  • The trade-in value of your current home could be applied to reduce the priceof the new home that you’re buying.


While your current home doesn’t have to be paid off entirely prior to trading in, it may be a good idea to talk with your home consultant about your trade options to learn more!


Depending on your situation, you may also need to consult your lender. If you have an outstanding loan on the home you’re trading in, you’ll need to determine your options regarding the loan and financing.





How to Determine Manufactured  Home Trade-In Value


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All manufactured homes (built 1976 or later) have a NADA value, which is similar to the NADA value for pre-owned cars. The NADA value will give you an idea of what your current home may be worth and will be one of the factors that your local home center considers as they estimate your current home’s trade-in value.


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Remember that other factors also affect the trade-in value of your home like the home’s condition, its foundation, the costs for the home center to transport the home and other factors.


To help determine the trade-in value of your current home, a representative from your home center will often perform a site inspection at your home. This inspection provides the home center with additional information that is necessary to evaluate and determine your home’s value.



How Your Home's Condition May Be Evaluated


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Some of the factors that your local home center may look at and consider include:

  • Will the home center have to replace the carpet?
  • Will the home center have to paint the walls?
  • Will the home center need to paint the ceiling?
  • Will the home center need to run new plumbing?
  • Does all the electrical wiring work?
  • Are the appliances still in good condition?
  • Are all the windows intact?
  • Are there any major air leaks?
  • Is your heat pump or water heater still there?
  • Are there any leaks in the roof?


Maintaining your home from the day you purchase it is important to keeping it beautiful and in great condition. On top of your routine maintenance on your HVAC system, flooring and exterior, we have compiled some practical tips for getting your home ready for trade-in.


  • Keep your front door in good shape

Curb appeal is important for all homes and your front door makes a big first impression. Ask yourself if your home says, “Home Sweet Home” or “Beware.”


  • Clean or update your living room flooring

Again, consider what people see first. When they walk in your home, do they see clean, well-maintained carpet or hard surface flooring? Or do they see worn out and dirty flooring?


  • Keep your window sills guarded from the weather

When rain, snow and sleet occur, they can stain and damage your windowsills if windows are left open. Be sure to close your windows prior to bad weather. Your local home center will notice the condition of the area around your windows!


  • Repair any leaks in your home

Leaks left unrepaired in your home can cause both short and long-term damage. The home center handling your trade will thoroughly inspect for leaks. You should repair leaks and any associated damage as soon as you find them!


  • Don’t add to your home (and don't keep add-ons if you already have them)

Many do-it-yourself attachments such as decks, awnings, porches and other add-ons are not only costly to remove, but can also damage the integrity of your home’s structure. If an add-on damages your home’s structural integrity, it can cause your home to lose value. You also should not keep any additions from one home with the intent of adding them onto your new manufactured or modular home for the same reasons.


How to Trade-in a Manufactured Home


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It’s as easy as going to your local home center and letting them know that you have a manufactured home you’d like to trade in toward a new manufactured or modular home.


To help the trade go smoothly, it’s important to:


  • Have your title in hand
  • Start making your current manufactured home as easy to move as possible
  • Make sure your land is ready and suitable for your new home purchase

Your home consultant can help you begin the trade-in process and let you know what else you might need to anticipate as you get started

What Happens to Your Current Home?

Many home centers buy manufactured homes from current homeowners with the intention of reselling them as pre-owned manufactured homes. Depending on the condition of the home however, a home center may choose to sell the home for materials and parts instead.


How to Get Your New Home


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Once you find the new home you’ve always wanted, your home consultant will walk with you through the entire home buying process. Just like with any new home purchase, you will select your lender if you are financing your purchase and then, you will work with your home consultant to get personalized features and upgrades you love.


Finally, you will find the right home placement location and set up contractors to install your new home. Your home center can provide you with information about your home placement and set up as well as help you find contractors for your home placement process.


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No matter the condition of your current manufactured home, if you’re looking for a new manufactured or modular home, talk to your home center and give them a chance to evaluate what trade-in option may be available to you! Our friendly home consultants want to help you find the best option so you can have the home of your dreams!



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*Clayton strives to give you the most competitive trade-in value toward new homes purchased at the posted  retail price as long as the used manufactured home has trade-in value as determined by the home center at which the new home is being purchased.  Talk to your local home center to find out whether a trade-in package can be combined with other promotions and incentives that may be offered.  


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