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Entertaining in a Tiny Home

Hosting any type of gathering can be a stressful task, no matter the size of your home.  But it doesn’t have to be stressful! In an open and airy Designer Series tiny home, family and friends will feel comfortable and cozy without feeling claustrophobic. The key to pulling off the perfect tiny house dinner party or entertaining guests in a tiny home is being well-prepared.


Get yourself and home ready for guests with these tips on how to entertain in a tiny house.


1. Start out Small

Clayton Low Country Tiny Home

The Low Country model


You can have fun with a smaller group of people by having theme parties for friends based on shared interests. For example, throw a theme party for friends that love the same TV series as you or have a shared favorite wine. Keep your guest list to as many seats as you have in your tiny home already and take advantage of the opportunity to really get to know a couple of your friends and family.


2. Keep it Cool 

Flip on fans and crack windows before guests arrive to maximize the lofty ceiling design incorporated into the Designer Series tiny homes. The tall ceilings allow warm air to rise and increase natural air flow so that you can enjoy a comfortable environment with your friends and family.


3. Enjoy the Great Outdoors



Take family and friends outside for the dinner party, weather permitting, of course! With the extra space, you’ll have room to roam and accommodate any unexpected guests. The Low Country and Saltbox models both have great porches for outside relaxation.


Take advantage of the beautiful porches and your natural settings by moving the food outside too. Create a community dining experience by putting the dishes in the middle of the table to pass around.


4. Pack and Stow, Then Rearrange 

A great small house party idea and rule of thumb is to clean up the clutter. Stow your kid’s toys, dog’s bones, breakables and coffee table books before your guests get there.


You should also reorganize chairs and ottomans to create inviting seating arrangements. Circle up seating around a dining table and use a community dining method with shared entrees and sides.

You could also set out a buffet style dinner on your countertop and enjoy dining from the comfort of your living room seating.


5. Maximize Empty Spaces

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party in a small house or a dinner party in a tiny home, you can strategically decorate unused spaces to save countertops, shelving and tables for food.


  • Fill unused corners with balloons.
  • Drape banners across ceilings and doorways.
  • Put candles, lights or other décor on top of your kitchen cabinets.


6. Decorate Your Used Spaces Too


The Saltbox model


Add décor and flair to tools and spaces you’re already using. This will let you pull your whole gathering together and maximize your entertainment space.


  • Put name settings, flowers or any type of decor on plates.
  • Use patterned paper straws to add flair to drinks.
  • String lighting across the back edge of your kitchen countertops or underneath your cabinets
  • Tie decorative banners or creative paper nametags to chairs or seating with backs.


Throw that Party

So now you know how to entertain in a small house. If you keep these tips in mind when planning a gathering in your tiny house, you can maximize your tiny home entertainment space.

After your first get together, your friends will be asking you for all your expert tips on how to host a party in a tiny home!


Now you need to figure out, which tiny house is perfect for your first party?

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