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Getting Your Home Ready For The New Year

The Holidays are upon us and all the festivities are taking place.  What a special time to enjoy your traditions and surroundings!


Once all the gatherings have taken place and we ring in the new year, the next task is to take down all the Seasonal decorations. That is a great time to start thinking about redecorating and getting excited about the process!


Start With What You Love


Start gathering ideas for new looks. Find one item that really “grabs” you every time you see it. Trust your gut and begin building around that one item. For instance, it could be an area or toss pillow that has a beautiful pattern and color.


These kind of items give you a chance to start building a look without investing too much before you decide what you want to live with.


Try Smaller Changes


If you want to freshen your living room and don’t want to part with some of your larger purchases such as sofas and tables, opt for a new set of lamps or one accent chair. They can completely change the style direction of your room.


If your favorite color is on that toss pillow you just bought, take it to the local paint store, and have it scanned. Buy one quart of paint in that shade and paint an entry wall that will “lead” into your living room now.


Try A Trend


living room decorating ideas


Think about Turquoise, Orange, or Deep Blue as accents--they are the top trending colors right now and are easy to find in all kinds of items.


Add a dramatic piece of art or mirror on that foyer wall and see how things continue to develop. If your favorite color is a really strong or deep color, then my best advice is to think of it as seasoning. Start out lightly and keep adding to it as you develop your unique taste!


After the first of the year and before tax season is when furniture stores run their best sales and financing offers, so the time to shop is now.  Have fun with it!

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