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Getting Your Lawn Ready for Fall

If you’ve been in any craft store recently, then you’re well aware that fall is upon us. Even though summer is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean the lawn work does too!


Fall is the prime time to prepare for the next growing season. With a little bit of work, you can set yourself up to have a healthy lawn next spring! Follow these tips and your lawn will thank you when springtime rolls around.


1. Don’t Stop Mowing

Man mowing his lawn with a push mower on a sunny day


As summer winds down, unfortunately mowing season doesn’t. You should continue to take care of your lawn and make sure it stays healthy. The last few cuts of the year should be a few weeks before the end of the fall. At this time, you should lower the blade to allow more sunlight to reach the crown, which is where the grass goes into the ground.


Quick Tip: Don’t cut your grass too short! Leaving it on the longer side can help it withstand a dry, cold winter.


2. Fertilize

Fertilizer being spread on a lawn with a hand held spreader

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It’s important to feed your lawn to keep it healthy and growing! There are plenty of reasons to fertilize your lawn including maintaining a strong root system so it will be in good shape come springtime. 


Quick Tip: You can purchase a soil test from your local garden center that will tell you what nutrients your lawn needs and how much is needed.


3. Rake Leaves

Young girl sitting on a blanket surrounded by a pile of leaves and tossing them into the air


It’s crucial to your lawn’s health that you rake up leaves, twigs and other debris as soon as possible. If left sitting on your lawn too long, they can trap moisture and begin building up certain types of molds and diseases that are harmful to your lawn. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait until every leaf has fallen from your trees to start raking.


Quick Tip: You can also recycle your grass clippings by leaving them on your lawn, providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs.


Don’t forget to also:

  • Control weeds and around your lawn
  • Aerate your soil
  • Seed bare spots
  • Apply lawn topdressing (typically at about 1/4 in.)


As the seasons begin to change, these tips will help you maximize your lawn prep for next year and keep your yard looking great year-round!



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