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Get Inspired and Find Your Prefab Holiday Style

Glistening lights and colorful orbs are delicately placed throughout, while the smells of fresh baked cookies fill the air within your home, the holidays are finally here! 


Decorating your home for the season can be one of those simple joys, but are you choosing the right holiday décor for your home?


Scouring the internet and examining each color scheme at your local home décor store can be overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure which decorations fit with your home style. That’s why we’ve created a holiday décor guide to help you find the perfect décor for any home style!


Farmhouse Style

Manufacture home living room with Christmas tree and shiplap wall.

The Amelia by Clayton Homes


You’ve finally achieved your #FarmhouseGoals for your home, now it’s time to incorporate holiday décor that enhances your farmhouse style. Converting your home into a farmhouse wonderland is easier than you think! This style gives you the perfect pallet to incorporate several unique features for your holiday décor.


Here are some ideas:

  • Natural wood backdrops decorated with garland
  • Adding burlap to your regular décor
  • Tin holiday pieces
  • Natural elements like cotton and pine cones
  • Mason jars as candle holders
  • Plaid fabrics with accenting colors (think throw pillows and blankets!)
  • Jute twine around presents or hung on windows


Plaid Christmas stockings with garland décor.


Modern Neutrals

Neutral Christmas décor with garland and natural wood accents.


Sometimes, keeping things neutral is the way to go. It also helps carry your décor over into the new year! If finding the right color scheme is overwhelming, or you just like to keep things simple, then incorporating a neutral holiday style is perfect for you.


Here are some elements to consider for a modern neutral look:

  • Neutral colors like white, gray, cream, and beige
  • Natural wood or plant elements
  • Neutral colored crocheted accents like throw blankets or stockings
  • White poinsettias with modern, neutral bows
  • Solid color or minimal patterned wrapping paper that matches your Christmas tree (think stamped craft paper or simple stripes)


Presents wrapped in brown paper with white string.


Retro Style

A retro theme can be one of the most exciting ways to have fun with your decorating this holiday season! This style allows you to get creative with pastels and glitter, what’s more fun than that?


Various colored Christmas décor with white polka dotted stockings and a doll house.


The eclectic mix of colors and textures that can be incorporated in this style allows for plenty of creativity. To get the perfect retro look, choose a scheme of up to 5 different colors. These colors can match your existing décor or go against the grain to switch things up!


Some retro holiday decorating ideas include:

  • All the sparkles and glitter!
  • Vintage items like nutcrackers, ceramic Christmas trees or antique cookie jars
  • Take inspiration from your childhood—your grandmother would love to see the very same tree-topper that sat on her tree for decades come back to life in your home!
  • Colored lights strung throughout your home
  • Wrapping paper with plenty of texture and color (metallic, bright colors and lots of glitter)
  • Tree ornaments with bright colors, quirky shapes and lots of character


Retro style Christmas with various colored Christmas tree figurines.


Traditional Style

Wrapped presents under decorated Christmas tree.


Finally, there is the traditional holiday décor. This style features all the classic elements that scream “Christmas is here!” This red and green color scheme will never go out of style and is perfect for achieving the classic holiday look throughout your home.

Whether your home has a modern, farmhouse or minimalist look, you can easily pair traditional holiday home décor pieces with any style.


Think about incorporating some of these unique traditional style tips to make your home Prefabulous® this holiday:

  • Lots of wreaths—this classic holiday tradition works in any space!
  • Hang candy canes from your banister, fireplace or Christmas tree
  • Incorporate fresh garland and lots of red ribbon and bows
  • Add traditional Tartan plaid ribbons, throw pillows or throw blankets
  • Place candles with greenery around them to give your home a cozy glow


Traditional Christmas dining table décor with garland and red napkins.


No matter what home style you have, decorate it with décor that fits your personality this holiday season. And, always remember to top off your décor by leaving cookies by the tree for those special holiday helpers!




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