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The Best Flower Arrangements for Different Rooms in Your Home

 Adding floral arrangements to your home decor is an easy way to add pops of color as well as other benefits of plants in your home. But did you know that some plants are better in specific rooms than others? Plants such as ferns, orchids, cut flowers and hanging plants can be a great addition to your home!


We teamed up with local florist Mary Alford to determine the best indoor plants for any home. Mary has been working with floral arrangements since she was a child, so we used her knowledge and expertise to share what plants could work best in each room of your house as well as tips for caring for indoor plants. Check out these great indoor plant ideas by room!




Living Roomliving room floral arrangement

The living room is a great place for a variety of indoor plants. If you want a great floral arrangement for the coffee table, try using an arrangement of anemones. They’re available in plenty of colors and the tight cup shape of their petals create a beautiful table accent without getting in the way of conversation with guests.1


Another great plant for the living room is the Peace Lily. If your living room is a low light space, the Peace Lily will adapt well to the environment; however, it will continue to flower if placed in light such as in a living room window!2 The Peace Lily is also great for window space because it is typically a taller arrangement, which Mary says tall arrangements are ideal for large window spaces because they complement the aesthetic of the window.



Dining room

dining table flower arrangement

The dining room is another great place for plants. There are plenty of flower arrangements perfect for a dining room table! If you really enjoy florals, champagne roses make a great addition to any dining room table. Their creamy shades can go with any décor and their subtle scent adds a nice aroma to the room without overpowering the smell of food on the table.1


A great dining room plant for anyone with allergies is bamboo. Lucky bamboo thrives in low, light pebbles and distill water making it easy to care for and a great centerpiece for the table.


If you’re looking to put plants on your table, Mary suggests using smaller arrangements as well as to not block conversation happening at the table. However, if you do fancy a taller arrangement on the table, seasonal cut flowers also make a great option.



kitchen aloe plant

You may not often think of placing plants in the kitchen, but there are several beneficial plants to have nearby as you cook! Mary placed an aloe plant by the stove top in one of our homes. Not only does this plant add some elegance to your cooking space, but you can also use its healing properties if you burn yourself while cooking. Mary said you can just break a leaf off the aloe plant in the event of a minor burn and rub the sap onto your skin. The sap will heal and cool the burn, just like aloe gel does with a sunburn!


Another benefit to the aloe plant is that it is an air purifier and can eliminate ammonia from the air which is found in a lot of common household kitchen cleaners.



bedroom flower arrangement

Adding plants with aroma-therapeutic qualities to your bedroom can be a great way to help you sleep. Mary informed us that both lavender and lemon balm can be great additions to bedroom décor. Mar said, “Lavender is a stress reducer. A lot of times, people can’t sleep because their minds won’t rest.”


Lemon balm can also relieve stress, just like lavender, and has a nice fresh scent because it is in the mint family. This will help your room smell fresh, and help you to relax.



bathroom flower arrangement

“Ferns are great in the bathroom because they love humidity,” Mary said. “The bathroom is a fantastic place to grow plants because it is humid, it’s a nice place for lighting and there’s water right there so it’s not a big deal to give them water.”


There are several ferns, and other plants, that go great in a bathroom space such as:3

  • Asparagus fern
  • Chinese evergreens
  • Orchids
  • Philodendron
  • And more!


Porch or Deck

growing herbs

You don’t need an entire farm to grow fresh herbs, you can do this from your porch or deck in a container garden! There are several fresh herbs you can grow at your home that you can cook with! Check out these easy herbs to grow right from your porch:4

  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Cilantro
  • Mint
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  •  And more!


Although most of these herbs can tolerate some shade, you will want to make sure each one has plenty of sunlight and the proper soil to grow. Many of them, like chives, are hardy and can grow outside all year long. However, check with a local florist or greenhouse to ask about the best way to grow herbs in your climate.


Tips for Cut Flowersbathroom sink flower vase

Cut flower arrangements are a common household plant, especially around special times of the year such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. However, many people wonder how long flower arrangements last. Different flowers will last different amounts of time depending on how they are care of. If you have a question regarding a specific flower, you should look at lists of how long flowers last online.


No matter what flowers you have in a vase, there are steps you can take to properly care for them and maximize the amount of time the arrangement will last. Check out these tips on caring for cut flower arrangements from Mary!

  • Make sure to give the flowers proper amounts of water
  • Don’t place cut flowers in direct sunlight
  • Avoid placing cut flowers near heating vents or other sources of heat such as the oven
  • Change the water in the vase twice a day to avoid contamination from getting into the veins of the flowers


Use these indoor floral arrangement ideas and tips to bring nature into your home! Check out your local florist or greenhouse to find great indoor plants to incorporate into your home décor. There are plenty of other ways to update the décor of your home as well.


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