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Farmhouse Friday: The Teagan

So, you’re stuck between wanting the good ol’ fashion farmhouse style and having a modern, sophisticated home. While it seems like a big dilemma, you’re actually in luck. This is the magic of the modern farmhouse home!

This week’s Farmhouse Friday Favorite was designed especially for those of us that don’t want to choose between modern and farmhouse styles. And now we don’t have to! The Teagan is a 2,118 sq. ft. masterpiece full of the beautiful rustic elements we love about the farmhouse style combined with the sophistication of a sleek modern look.


Let’s check out the features that combine sleek lines and antique wood work that give this home its unique look.


The Antique Kitchen

Manufactured home kitchen with white cabinetry and a stone accent wall.


Ah yes, the heart of home, and this kitchen sure lives up to its name. There are several elements to love about this kitchen, but one of our favorites is the ornate cabinetry.


This home has antiqued white cabinetry that fits into the farmhouse element we love, but also has features like the sleek metal range hood to add a little modern kick!


We know all too well how counter space is something we can never get enough of. That’s why this kitchen features a kitchen island large enough to take on any meal. Oh, and of course we had to add a little farmhouse to that too, complete with white shiplap siding to tie all of these gorgeous farmhouse elements together.


The Cozy Living Room

Manufactured home living room wall with built-in entertainment center.


The living room is a space that you’ll love to kick back and relax in or for binge watching your favorite shows after a long stressful day. Although decorating a living room can be fun, it can also be challenging to find all the right furniture that fits your home and budget.


Well, we say forget all that! We wanted to take the stress out of searching for the right entertainment center by building one right in.


This living room entertainment center features the perfect spot for your television, cable box and entertainment consoles, and even an area to shelve your favorite decor pieces.


Manufactured home living room with modern cream couch and striped pillows.


The Spa-Like Master Bathroom

Last, but certainly not least of the incredible rooms we’re going to feature today is the beautiful master bathroom. We took our time in crafting a bathroom that gives you a bright, natural room while still incorporating all the gadgets we know and love.


Manufactured home master bathroom with large walk-in shower and soaker tub.


What gadgets might I be referring to? Well, I’m glad you asked! First let’s start out with the famous soaker tub. That’s right, I said it! This standalone tub is by far the perfect feature to upgrade your bathroom to the next level. Behind this oh-so relaxing tub is two beautiful barn doors that house rows of shelving and closet space.


Manufactured home master bathroom with white barndoors and soaker tub.


Next, we have the shower we’ve all been waiting for. Drumroll please! A large walk-in shower with glass doors gives your bathroom the sleek, modern look while still allowing you plenty of privacy. This spacious bathroom will give you major spa vibes every day!


Who says modern and farmhouse don’t go together? From the looks of The Teagan, I’m starting to believe these styles are two peas in a pod! So, you’re reading the end of this and asking yourself, “what’s next?” Now comes the fun part. You can call your local home center to see if this home, or other gorgeous farmhouse models are available in your area!




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