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Farmhouse Friday: The Silo

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we love to keep you up to date with some of our favorite, most beautiful homes through our Friday Favorites series. You may have also noticed that we’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for a stylish farmhouse.


We love farmhouses, you love farmhouses, so naturally we want a way to supply you with the latest and greatest farmhouse styles!


So, without further ado…welcome to this week’s Farmhouse Friday! The Silo is one of our newer homes that reinvents the name “farmhouse.” With 828 sq. ft. of space and a strategically dynamic layout, you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t switch to this farmhouse sooner!


The Rustic Kitchen

Prefab kitchen with maple stained cabinetry and a large breakfast bar.


What’s a farmhouse without a little bit of rustic? This home is all about highlighting the beauty in natural elements, and boy did they do a good job in doing so! One area of the home that I think especially shows off its natural beauty is the kitchen.


This kitchen is complete with maple inspired cabinetry and galvanized metal wainscoting. The mixture of these two elements allows for plenty of design flexibility because of their beautifully versatile look.


Another one of my favorite features is the large breakfast bar. Sometimes, getting the family together at the table can be a tricky task. But, when you have a breakfast bar that comfortably seats four, you’ll find your hungry little ones gathering around this easy spot for snacks and conversation.


Manufactured home kitchen sink with stainless steel faucet.


A Cozy Master Bedroom

Manufactured home bedroom with galvanized metal walls and wooden styled laminate flooring.


Another defining factor of a proper farmhouse is its level of coziness. Now, let me tell you that this master bedroom is off the charts on the cozy scale!


The galvanized metal and exposed wood features continue in this room for the perfect rustic, homey look. This room also features built-in cast iron-wall sconces for some relaxing late-night reading.


Manufactured home bedroom closet with maple stained barn doors.


Did I mention the barn door styled closet? Perfection. Okay, so I bet you’re asking yourself “Is there anything this farmhouse doesn’t have?” Nope! We made sure to check all the boxes to ensure you’d be equipped with all of your farmhouse essentials!  


The Perfect Bathroom

Manufactured home bathroom with white subway style walls and a standing shower.


What are some features you think of when you think about “the perfect bathroom?” We think of clean cut subway tiles and a glass shower door. Finding a way to tie in a farmhouse feel while keeping a sophisticated, clean style within a bathroom can be tricky, but this bathroom hits the mark!


We wanted this home to offer plenty of storage space, so that’s why we added three wide cabinets to this rustic styled vanity to keep the clutter off your counters.


To keep the farmhouse theme going strong, this bathroom has beautiful wood styled laminate flooring and barn-wood inspired molding for a seamless look.


This affordable farmhouse style home gives you the perfect opportunity to bring the farm life to suburbia (or an actual farm if you want to go all out!) If farmhouse is your thing, then check out this list of Clayton homes with farmhouse features Now all that’s left to do is visit your local home center, and you’ll be living your farmhouse dreams before you know it!




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