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Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Siding: History, Advantages and Cleaning

From music records to PVC pipes and medical products, vinyl has been one of the most useful materials of our time.


According to the Vinyl Institute, over 70% of vinyl is used for homes and commercial building construction. Perhaps its most useful use is siding!


Manufactured Home Exterior Driveway Vinyl Siding Porch


A Little History


Before the days of this wonderful vinyl application, wooden clapboards were used to decorate the outside of houses. Wooden boards became the standard, but they required constant painting, replacement due to rot and they warped quickly.


Around the 1950s, vinyl siding made its appearance. Since vinyl is a resin, color could be incorporated into the material, eliminating the need for paint. Because the material is poured into a mold, it could be cheaply made with perfect dimensions. And, of course, the plastic cannot rot or be eaten by bugs.


Vinyl siding is ubiquitous with housing today, both manufactured and site built. However, there are certain advantages that vinyl siding can offer for the owner of a manufactured home.





First, manufactured homes are made with premium vinyl siding that is cut to length and bought in bulk by the manufacturer. As with all materials, this means that home builders order the right materials at the right length to avoid waste. This cuts out the labor and waste created by cutting store bought vinyl siding for a site built home. Therefore, those savings are passed directly to you.


Manufactured Home Construction Vinyl Siding Measuring Cutting


Second, vinyl siding is super easy to replace without expensive tools, experience or a lot of time. Vinyl siding itself lasts a very long time, but nothing is impervious to extreme weather.


Third, if hail, extreme wind or anything else damages a section of siding, the damaged boards can be easily popped out and promptly replaced with new, easily found boards from a local supplier.





Maintenance is ridiculously easy. Instead of painting and cleaning, vinyl siding requires just a little bit of cleaning, which is easy because of its slick surface that resists stains and mildew. 


Exterior Manufactured Home Vinyl Siding


For tips on how to take care of your manufactured home’s vinyl siding, watch the video below and check out our other videos on manufactured home maintenance.




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