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Easy Fall Crafts for Festive Home Décor

Fall decorating is the best kind of decorating. Pumpkins, fall flowers, warm colors, pumpkin pie, there’s so much to choose from! You might be thinking “pumpkin pie is not for decorating!” but it is today, friends.


We’ve got lots of tips and a few ideas to help you decorate your manufactured home for fall!


Fall porch pumpkins and mums


Decorating tips

  • Pick a theme that lasts all season. By decorating with the whole season in mind, you won’t have to swap out your Halloween décor for Thanksgiving décor. All the fun with less work? Oh yes, we’re in.


  • Decide on a color scheme. This helps to keep all the decorations cohesive throughout your home. I chose to decorate with a navy and orange theme, featuring lots of buffalo check patterns.


  • Think of things that serve multiple purposes. Utilize things like patterned throw pillows and blankets that match your color scheme. Swap out regular kitchen towels for fall ones. And my favorite, purchase fall scented candles!


  • Turn your everyday home décor into seasonal décor. Swap out white candles for orange, hang fall-colored blankets on your blanket ladder, spice up your mantel with fall decorations and change your letterboard quote to something fall-ish!


  • Don’t be afraid to make it your own. Your home décor doesn’t have to be magnificent. It certainly doesn’t have to put all the neighbor’s décor to shame. If you love Halloween, go all out with spider webs and cauldrons. If your home is farmhouse themed, embrace that and gather farm style décor. If fall is just a layover for Christmas season to you, go ahead and break out the Christmas tree! Do what makes you happy and reflects your style in your home.


Apple Pie Letterboard Flat Lay


Fall Crafts for Every Age and Occasion

These simple crafts are perfect for kids and adults alike. You’ll want to gather a few simple supplies like scissors and a hot glue gun (with plenty of glue sticks)!


Pumpkin Pie Pennant Banner

Pumpkin Pie Banner Supplies



  • Twine
  • Pumpkin colored cardstock (3 12x12 sheets)
  • White pom-poms or cotton balls
  • ½ inch tan cardstock strips (the color of graham cracker crust!)



  1. Start by cutting your pumpkin colored cardstock into equal sized triangles (I suggest cutting one triangle and tracing it to make the rest!) The number of triangles you cut depends on how long you want your banner to be.


  1. Once you’ve cut your triangles, use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top two corners of each triangle. This is how you’ll string the pennants.


  1. Next, you’re going to fold your tan cardstock strips accordion style to make a “pie crust” of sorts.


  1. Now you’re going to string the triangles on your twine. Leave about 1 ½ inches between each triangle. If you want, apply a dot of hot glue to the back of each pennant to hold it in place on the twine.


  1. Once your triangles are in place, hot glue the accordion folded strips to the top of each one. This makes the pie crust! (the best part, in my humble opinion!)


  1. Finally, place a dab of hot glue in the center of each triangle and press the pom-pom or cotton ball on it like a dollop of whipped cream (arguably, the second-best part of the pie).


  1. That’s it! Hang your adorable banner up and get ready for lots of compliments!


Pumpkin Pie Banner Final


Fall Felt Ball Garland

Felt Ball Garland Supplies



  • Various color felt balls (to match your color scheme!)
  • Large needle (like a tapestry or embroidery needle)
  • Embroidery floss or bakers twine



  1. Start by threading your needle. Pull the bakers twine or embroidery floss through the hole in the embroidery needle and tie.


  1. Establish a pattern with the felt balls. Mine was orange, cream, golden yellow, navy, tan, gray.


  1. Push the threaded needle through each felt ball, leaving an inch or two between each one.


  1. Once finished, the felt balls should stay in place. Easy enough, right?


Felt Ball Garland Final


Fall Leaf Pumpkin Place Mat

Pumpkin Leaf Placement



  • Silk leaves
  • Hot glue gun
  • Jack-be-little pumpkin



  1. Create a pattern of various colored leaves. Arrange in a circle and hot glue together.


  1. Once the leaves have dried, place your jack-be-little pumpkin in the center and you’ve got the easiest table décor for your next fall dinner!


Pumpkin Carving Alternatives

Pumpkin carving is a time-honored fall tradition. Unfortunately, it can also be a massive hassle. Here are a few alternatives to make your pumpkin decorating days a little easier!


Polka Dotted Painted Pumpkin

Polka Dot Pumpkin Supplies



  • Medium sized white pumpkin
  • Round tip sponge brush (any size)
  • Acrylic paint (in the color of your choice!)
  • Ribbon (optional; for a bow around the stem!)



  1. Choose the prettiest medium-sized white pumpkin in the patch!


  1. Next, pour a good amount of acrylic paint onto a paper plate or bowl.

  1. Then, using your round tip sponge brush, carefully make polka dots around your pumpkin.

  1. Let dry for a few hours, then seal with Mod-Podge® and tie a bow around the stem if so desired.


Solid Colored Expression Pumpkin

Expression Pumpkin Supplies



  • Medium sized white pumpkin
  • Paint marker
  • Spray paint (in the color of your choice, I used navy)
  • Ribbon (optional; for a bow around the stem!)



  1. Grab another pretty white pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!


  1. Create a paint-safe area outside in your yard or garage (with the door open!) and lay a tarp, drop-cloth or old sheet to paint on.


  1. Then, start spraying your entire pumpkin, minus the stem. Make sure to coat it really well.


  1. Let dry for a few hours.


  1. Next, using your paint pen, sketch out the word of your choice! I went with a simple “hello!” Here are some other fun options:
  • Hello, fall!
  • Welcome, fall!
  • Happy fall, y’all!
  • Boo!


  1. Let dry completely, seal with Mod-Podge® and tie a bow around the stem (if you want to!)


Navy Painted Pumpkin


Painted Pumpkin for the Teal Pumpkin Project

The Teal Pumpkin Project was created to raise awareness of food allergies. It’s possible that a good number of trick-or-treaters you see on Halloween could be suffering from various food allergies and may not be able to enjoy the sweet treats you’re handing out!


In an effort to make the trick-or-treat experience more inclusive, the Teal Pumpkin Project encourages homeowners to offer non-food or allergen-free treats on Halloween.


All you have to do is place a teal pumpkin on your porch that will let trick-or-treaters know that you have a safe alternative to your typical Halloween candy, or, you can print this Teal Pumpkin Project sign and place it on your patio. Plus, there are lots of fun options that kids will love!


Here is a quick and easy teal pumpkin that you can whip up in no time:


Teal Pumpkin Supplies



  • Small white pumpkin
  • Teal spray paint
  • Gold metallic spray paint (optional)



  1. Find a white pumpkin, a little smaller than the first two.


  1. Create a paint-safe area outside in your yard or garage (with the door open!) and lay a tarp, drop-cloth or old sheet to paint on.


  1. Coat the entire white part of the pumpkin in teal spray paint. Let dry.


  1. Finally, cover the teal part of the pumpkin to protect it and spray paint the stem of the pumpkin with gold or another metallic spray paint to give it a fun effect!


Homemade Teal Pumpkin


Mini Frosted Donut Pumpkins

Frosted Donut Pumpkin Supplies-1



  • Mini white pumpkins (sometimes called jack-be-littles!)
  • Brown and pink (or frosting color of your choice) acrylic paint
  • Rainbow sprinkles



  1. Find mini white pumpkins for this craft.


  1. To make the frosting, use the colored acrylic paint and a paintbrush to create the frosting shape around the top of the pumpkin.


  1. Once dried, you can either add a few drops of hot glue or coat with Mod Podge®.


  1. Then place your sprinkles however you like!


  1. Let dry and you’ve got adorable donut pumpkins!


Frosted Donut Pumpkins Final


So, break out the pumpkin spice lattes and candy corn, and start crafting the day away! These easy do-it-yourself decorations will have your home looking like fall before you know it. 




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