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Easy, Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

It is the beginning of October, and people are already starting to ask you, “What are you going to be for Halloween this year?” If you are like me, you smile and say, “Oh, I don’t know.” Then you start contemplating the easiest Halloween costume you can find.


Costume For Anyone


404 Error Tshirt Halloween CostumePhoto by Thekplof on Instagram


One of the easiest costumes ideas I have seen this year is to take a plain white t-shirt, and write 404 Error and then put on the bottom of the shirt, costume not found. It may be the easiest costume you ever make.



costumes for Ladies


A great do it yourself costume for ladies is a fortuneteller! This costume has endless potential.


A Fortuneteller Needs:
  • A head wrap
  • Bangles
  • A crystal ball

You can tell you friends their future all night long! See this tutorial for perfecting your fortuneteller costume.


Ladies let’s not forget that if you are in a bind for a costume, you can always embrace your inner witch with this easy do it yourself costume.


A Witch Needs:
  • A pointed hat
  • A black dress
  • Some fishnet tights or leggings
  • A pair of black heels
  • Your trusty broom

Walk around as if you own the night, and threaten to curse anyone who thinks otherwise! 



Costumes for Couples


If you are looking for a fun do it yourself couple’s costume, what is more fun than silent film stars? This costume is relatively easy. You probably have everything you need in your closet except for a little extra makeup!


Couples black and white film vintage costumePhoto by Lindsay at


Ladies Need:
  • A black dress
  • A creative hairdo
  • White body paint
  • Black lipstick
  • Black blush


Gentlemen Need:
  • White body paint
  • Black slacks
  • A black blazer
  • A White shirt

Gentlemen, a nice mustache might send your costume to the next level of amazing. Also, don’t forget you title cards to hold throughout the night to be the best silent film stars you can be.



Costumes for Gentlemen


Don’t worry gentlemen, I haven’t forgotten about a quick, do it yourself costume for you. However, this costume is not for the faint of heart. How about going old school and going as Quailman, the beloved character of Doug Funnie’s imagination?


Do it Yourself Quailman CostumePhoto by 22bigmac on Instagram


Quailman Needs:

  • A pair of cargo shorts
  • A green shirt
  • A belt
  • White tube socks
  • A pair of white underwear (to wear over your shorts)
  • Red duct tape or paper

If Quailman is not quite your style, how about going as Wilson, the neighbor from “Home Improvement?”


Wilson Needs:

  • Some popsicle sticks (to make a small fence to cover your face)
  • A flannel shirt
  • A fishing cap

Boom! Your Wilson costume is ready to go, but don’t be surprised if people start asking you for advice.


Have Fun!

These do it yourself costumes are quick, and easy. You should have no problem making one of these easy, do it yourself Halloween costumes. Your friends will love what you come up with, and so will your wallet. Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy going to another time and place, even if it is only for one night.

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