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Closet Organization For A Mobile Home

Organizing your closet is time and money well spent. Think of this space as your personal shopping experience. If items are organized and stored to find them easily, it helps your day start off on a positive note!

Start With the Structure


Freedom Model Mobile Home Walk-in ClosetThe Freedom model by Schult


Balance the use of vertical and horizontal storage. Too much of one or the other doesn’t maximize your space to its fullest potential. 

Remember, this space is yours to customize. So if you have only vertical or horizontal shelving, consider adding different options to accommodate what you have, such as bookshelves or shelving with rods attached.


Use Different Storage Options


Bluffton Model Mobile Home Walk-in Closet StorageThe Bluffton model by Clayton


Basket storage is a huge asset for hard to hang items such as belts, jewelry, scarves and gloves.

Hampers are great for storing seasonal items you get to only once in a while, and double as a bench for slipping on your shoes.

If you have a lot of shoes, try over the door shoe organizers or place shoe racks underneath hanging clothes.

Islands provide great drawer storage, if you have the room. If you don't have a big closet, consider adding a thinner or shorter chest against a wall.


Update Your Lighting 


Montana Model Mobile Home Walk-In Master Bedroom ClosetThe 43EZE32933AH model by SEhomes


Excellent lighting is a wonderful bonus for locating items with ease. (Plus good lighting makes you look good and lifts the mood on a bad hair day!)


Add track lighting or wall sconces with compact fluorescent bulbs. Just remember that you don't want the light source behind you when looking at your clothing, because this will create a shadow and distort your view of your clothing.


Other Suggestions


Consider adding an outlet and self-storing ironing board for quick touch ups. If needed, the ironing board also doubles as a folding table.

Full length mirrors not only help with apparel checks, but increase the size of the space visually and increase the light by reflecting it back into the space. 

Use no slip felt hangers for slippery items and padded hangers for nicer shirts and dresses. 

Display your jewelry. Use a cork-board and pin cushions to hang your jewelry in a decorative closet display. Easy access to your accessories helps with picking out outfits quickly in the morning!
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