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An Easy and Charming Driveway Entrance Landscaping Idea

Are you looking for a cheap, quick and easy idea to spruce up your landscaping this summer? If you’re like me, you don’t have time for giant outside projects, not to mention the summer heat is miserable to work in.

Landscape Post from Hello Farmhouse

Photo by Hello Farmhouse


I decided to find something simple to add to my driveway entrance and personalize my driveway landscaping. A cute hanging flower pot was exactly what I wanted, but I wasn’t big on cheap metal hangers and wanted something with my house number on it.


Below is my finished do it yourself driveway entrance project and 4 simple steps to build your own:


DIY Driveway Landscaping Post Idea



  • 5 ft. piece of 4”X4” Lumber 
  • Plant Hook
  • House Numbers 
  • Hanging Plant



  • Skill Saw (for cutting your lumber at the desired height)
  • Hammer (to hang your plant hook and mount your numbers)
  • Shovel or Mattock (to dig the hole for the lumber)


Skill Saw DIY Wood Cutting



1. Start by using your skill saw to cut the lumber at the desired height. I wanted my pole to stand about 4 feet above ground, so I cut my 4”x4” at 5 ft. You will need about 8”-12” extra to plant underground for support.

2. Dig your hole and plant your post. I buried mine a full foot underground to make sure it would hold. If you want the pole to be extra sturdy, you can put some concrete in the hole before filling the dirt back in. (There’s a lot of clay mud at my house that worked instead.)

3. Once your pole is buried, mount the numbers and hang your plant hook.

4. All that is left is to hang your flowers, step back and enjoy your handy work!


Now, you can paint or stain your driveway post before putting it in the ground, add a decorative topper, or even put other plants around the bottom.


I’m thinking I will add another post on the opposite side of the driveway entrance--I’m in love with all the different hanging baskets at our local nursery!


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