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Top 10 Designer Series Tiny Home Furniture Picks

Are you ready to start decorating your new Clayton Designer Series tiny home? Kick the futon to the curb and choose multipurpose, space efficient furniture that is actually stylish and comfy.


Whether the Low Country or the Saltbox is the perfect tiny home for you, this tiny home furniture shopping list will help you find multipurpose furniture that you’ll love to put in your new home.


Cat in a Litterbox


1. A clever litterbox bench is a great solution for tiny homeowners with pets! You get valuable seating and surface space while being able to conceal your cat’s litterbox. 


You can also check out more multipurpose pet care options like beautiful dog crates that double as side tables for your living room.



Small Dining Table Set for Tiny Home


2. If you want more dining space than your kitchen breakfast bar provides, a petite bistro dining set might be just the fit for you! Sleek furniture lines complement the refined style of your Designer Series tiny home, and the chairs tuck nicely under the table if you need some extra space.



Small Day Sofa in Living Room


3. Multipurpose, stylish furniture is the name of the game when it comes to tiny living. A studio day sofa has a natural look to it while also being able to transform into a bed so that you can entertain an overnight guest in your tiny home.


4. Whether you need an extra seat or a bedside table, a bamboo ottoman is a great option. It not only allows you to store stuff inside the ottoman, but works great either as an extra seat or as a table space.



Small Barrel Chair


5. To bring in the trending Scandinavian style, check out this barrel chair. The chair is available in gray, oatmeal and even a deep blue if you want a dark pop of color to anchor your living room. It won’t take up much room and will be a comfy seating option for friends and family.



Rustic Brassy Sconce

6. Adding extra light to your tiny home isn’t hard! When the sun isn’t streaming through your many windows, wall sconces are a wonderful space-saving option to light up your tiny home. There are many different  sconce options that add light to your home without taking up table or floor space with lamps. You could also consider string lights as a way to scatter soft light around a small room!


7. Are you going for more of an art deco vibe in your tiny home? This brassy magazine side table is a great space saver with storage for magazines and books while still providing you a table surface for mugs, your laptop or anything else.


Spice Bottles Lined Up


8. Living tiny doesn’t mean you have to eat small too. Grab a spice rack so you can mount it on the side of a cabinet and reserve valuable shelf space for other delicious snacks and ingredients.


9. This ultimate space maximizing storage unit is incredible. The large pod is available in a couple different sizes with the Nano model being the smallest. It is slightly larger than a queen size bed making the whole unit just over 7 ½ ft. long by 5 ¼ ft. long.


Hanging Drift Wood Wall Shelf


10. Maximize wall space by making your own wooden wall shelf! You can also check out this clever fold down shelf . It’ll add a rustic farmhouse flair to your tiny home while keeping a minimalist look. Whether you want to put a wall shelf by your bed or on your patio wall, you’ll love its efficient design and the extra storage space.


Ready to start shopping for your new Designer Series tiny home? Learn more about getting ready to live big by going tiny. 


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