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Decorating For The Seasons in Your Clayton Home

It’s State Fair time in Texas, and it looks like fall may have finally arrived! A great way to get into the mood for different seasons and holidays is to make some changes to your home decor.


As a Lifestylist®, I always take into consideration the lifestyle that suits the homeowner, and after spending some time at Clayton Homes of DeSoto, I thought these ideas would be perfect for the new buyer of this home.


Clayton Homes of Desoto Texas


Here are 5 easy ways to make some inexpensive fall changes to your décor!


1. Area Rugs


Fall themed decor in Rio Grande model living room with area rug


Area rugs have become much more affordable. Not only do they add color and texture to a room, they also feel great under your feet in the cooler months.


It’s also an accepted practice now to put an area rug over wall to wall carpeting. It can add color, protect your main carpeting and is much easier to change when you want to go with a new color or theme in your home.


2. Accessories

Fall Halloween accessories on coffee table


I decided to use this Rio Grande model by SEhomes of Texas to show how easy it can be to change out a few accessories and get a different look. I started with Halloween decor and purchased some vintage styled accessories that all worked well together.


After Halloween is over you can pull those holiday specific items and use some fall items. This only took me a few minutes but gave a different, updated feel to this home.


3. Pillows


Fall pillow accents for living room couch


Pillows are my favorite way to update the look of a room and they are functional! You can either purchase different pillows for different looks, or you can buy or make covers to go over standard pillow forms which will save you storage space. You can see by these photos what a difference that extra color added to this room.


4. Set Your Table 


Fall set dining table with apples and flowers and fox


I love setting the mood in a home by setting the dining table. It’s such an easy and inexpensive place to set the mood in your new home, and the bonus is that you are always ready for company!


I used ready-made floral picks that I tucked into napkins and napkin rings that I already had. Your favorite dollar store is always a great place to find colorful plates and glassware and you don’t have to feel bad if something gets broken.


5. Table Runners


Fall table runner on coffee table


It’s not as common anymore for people to use tablecloths on their dining tables, but table runners are a fun way to add color and theming to your table. Don’t limit these to your dining table though - they also work well on a cocktail table, dresser or kitchen island.


Here is the home model before I made any changes:


 Rio Grande model before decorating living room and kitchen


This is where I added an area rug and Halloween accessories:


Halloween accessories and fall rug added to Rio Grande model living room


Now we changed to our fall look:


Fall accessories added to Rio Grande Model living room coffee table


Our favorite change was adding this floral arrangement to the kitchen island - now this home is ready for fall! It's really that easy!


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Fall flowers and pumpkin vase on kitchen island rio grande model


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