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Decorating for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving Style

We’ve talked about the kitchen features that make hosting Friendsgiving a breeze, but there are lots of other things that go into planning the event as well.


One of the most important (and fun!) parts of hosting Friendsgiving is decorating! You’ll want your home to look festive while reflecting your personality and your home’s style.

The Table

Friendsgiving table with wine, place settings, candles and cheese board.


When setting the table for your Friendsgiving meal, the options are endless. Try following these style guides to achieve the look you’re going for.


Formal Tablescape:


  • Your nicest dinner plates
  • Bread plates
  • Wine and water glasses
  • Full silverware settings (from bread knives to salad forks—the whole shebang!)
  • Cloth napkins with napkin rings or arranged nicely
  • Taper candles in beautiful candleholders
  • A formal centerpiece—this could be a charcuterie board as shown above, a floral arrangement or even an array of pumpkins.
  • Glass or crystal pitchers for refilling water glasses
  • Place cards with guests’ names in a scripted font


Formal Friendsgiving table with apple place settings, sangria and taper candles.


Casual Farmhouse Inspired Tablescape:


  • Minimalistic dishes—like solid white ceramic plates or even bamboo disposable plates
  • Mason jars for drink glasses
  • Burlap table runners or a buffalo check tablecloth
  • Linen napkins
  • A rustic-inspired centerpiece like a wooden box with pumpkins or greenery
  • Family style serving dishes that friends can pass around the table
  • Skip the place cards for a more casual setting and let people socialize and get to know each other


Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Tablescape:


  • Non-breakable dishes like heavy-duty paper or bamboo disposable plates
  • Mason jars or disposable glasses for drinks
  • Butcher or craft paper tablecloths with crayons for kids to doodle on when they get bored at the table
  • A fun, colorful centerpiece like colored flowers or a fun turkey-inspired centerpiece
  • Buffet serving style to prevent food spills and disasters
  • Let the kids make the place cards! There’s nothing cuter than a hand-drawn turkey and your name written by sweet little ones!


The Outdoor Space

Outdoor tablescape with peaches, beer bottles, flowers and cloth napkins.


If your family is anything like mine, they’ll flood the house and within a few minutes the men will make their way to the patio or back porch.

Thanksgiving is the perfect day for cozying up by the fire pit or starting a game of touch football in the yard. So, it’s a good idea to get your patio or porch ready ahead of time!


Here are a few ways to make the outdoor space a place for gathering:



Other Décor Ideas

Letterboard on fall background that reads you are the apple of my pie.


  1. Set up a poster or jar where people can write down what they are thankful for this year! Take turns sharing or trying to guess who wrote what. This can be pretty and special!


  2. Create a turkey-day message for your letter board. Don’t be afraid to make it cutesy and cheesy!


  3. Make an adorable pumpkin pie banner to hang up.


  4. Remember—you can never go wrong with pumpkins and candles!


Decorating for a big event doesn’t have to be a big ordeal! Work with your home décor style and strive to make your friends and family feel welcome and at home. And remember, everyone is there for the food and the memories, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to decorate like a pro.




Host Like a Champ This Thanksgiving




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