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Laughing All the Way: How to Have a Fun and Festive Holiday Season (Without the Stress!)

Ah, the holidays. The season of giving and joy can quickly become a stressful and overwhelming season. With shopping and spending and cooking and hosting, we can often wear ourselves out before the holidays even begin!


The best way to avoid the stress of the season? Laughter. These fun tips and ideas will have you and your family cracking up around the Christmas tree!


Play a Wrapping Prank

Toddlers unwrapping Christmas presents in their pajamas.


Wrapping pranks never get old! Unless you’re the one opening the gift, that is. Whether you pull the old fashioned Matryoshka boxes (wrapping a gift in multiple boxes) or wrap coloring books in a new TV box, there is nothing more fun than tricking your loved ones.                                                                  

Holiday Photo Booth

This can be a fun holiday party activity or just a way to spice up the day with your kiddos! Set up a festive backdrop, gather or order fun Christmas-themed props and take some fun photos! If you’re really brave, these make the best Christmas card photos.

Here are a few fun props to include in your photo booth:


  • Santa beards
  • Elf ears
  • Reindeer antlers
  • Rudolph’s red nose
  • Fun ties and bowties
  • Snowman’s top hat


White Elephant or Regifting Gift Exchange

Have you ever received a really embarrassing or bad gift for the holidays? Of course! Hasn’t everyone? Put together a fun gift exchange for your friends or family and have everyone bring a gag gift or crazy re-gift. Take turns opening, swapping and stealing gifts. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Right?

Ugly Sweater or Goofiest Outfit Themed Party

Coworkers joking around in their tacky Christmas sweaters.


This classic event is always a favorite! Host a party where everyone dresses in the craziest festive attire they can find. From ugly sweaters and Santa costumes to glittery garland and reindeer antlers, your guests will love putting together a fun outfit! Don’t forget to put together some prizes for the ugliest—I mean, best—outfits!                                                                                                                                         

Ugly Christmas Tree Tradition

Gingerbread man ornament hanging on a white Christmas tree.


For this activity, all you need is a Christmas tree and a few extra dollars! Set a spending limit and have every family member or friend pick out the ugliest ornament they can find. Wrap all the ornaments and take turns opening them. Vote on the ugliest and get a good laugh when you hang them on the tree!


As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Embrace these fun and festive ideas this year and put a smile on everyone’s face.




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