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6 Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Pranks for Your Family

This holiday season, we all need to have a good laugh! Every family and every friend group has a prankster known for coming up with humorous and creative tricks.


Put a spin on holiday cheer this year by bringing a little laughter to your present opening rituals with these gift wrapping pranks! 

1. Make Matryoshka Boxes


Although this prank has been around for a while, it never gets old!


This creative Christmas wrapping prank works best for small gifts like gift cards, headphones, cash, jewelry and candy because it requires a lot of unwrapping and anticipation on the recipient’s part. This gift wrapping prank is also great to do with kids because it is simple and humorous.


Matryoshka Russian Nesting Dolls


1. First, you’ll need to gather boxes of many different sizes that can fit inside of each other, like the Matryoshka dolls do. (Extra Points if you can find the box of a product that they actually asked for!)

2. Next, you’ll want to wrap the gift in the smallest box.

3. Once you’ve done that, put the box into the next largest box and wrap it.

4. Then, put the double wrapped gift into the next largest box and wrap it.

5. Continue doing this until you run out of boxes!

I’ve seen a friend start by unwrapping a box meant to contain a vacuum cleaner until he finally reached an envelope containing a gift card, so go crazy!


2. Use a Different Product's Box 


This wrapping trick is a great way to put a twist on Christmas present wrapping, but it can be potentially upsetting, so make sure you do it for family members with a great sense of humor!


1. First, check out the recipient’s Christmas list and pick the item they want the most.

2. Find a box for that product or that brand and then, purchase a completely different present.

3. Place this other, not as desirable gift in the branded box.


For example, check out these kids who thought they were getting iPads, but then opened the boxes to discover something completely different inside!


3. Paper Mache a Gift


Looks can be deceiving, and since kids are always trying to guess what their presents are, use their own expectations to pull a Christmas prank on them!


paper mache bunny.jpg Photo from Flickr


Similar to tip #2, this present wrapping technique allows you to take advantage of your friends’ and family members’ wish lists by wrapping their gifts in the shape of something else.  For example, check out an iPod wrapped as a power drill.


Papermache Cat WrappingPhoto from Reddit


You’ll get the chance to see family members think they know what the gift is all season long as they pass by the Christmas tree!


4. Make It Physically Difficult to Unwrap


Who says you have to use scotch tape to wrap gifts this Christmas?


For people who frequently shake and inspect their gifts to discern what’s inside, you’ll want to make sure the wrapping is fully intact. No one likes someone who ruins surprises, so make it extra hard on them to unwrap their presents!


1. Place the gift in a box if it isn’t already in one.

2. Next, cover the entire box with Elmer’s rubber cement.

3. Begin wrapping. Be careful not to get your fingers stuck in the process.


Duct Tape Present WrappingPhoto by Week99er


If you prefer to not deal with messy materials, simply wrap the entire box in tape before wrapping it with Christmas-themed paper.


Either way, they won’t have a clue what’s in store for them when it comes time to open presents!


5. Place It Perfectly


Again, no one likes a surprise-ruiner, especially when you’ve worked hard to find the perfect present for someone! With this prank, you’ll be able to trick antsy family members!


Cereal on Floor Christmas PrankPhoto by Wonder How To


1.Start by cutting a few small holes in the bottom of a gift bag.

2. Next, put the gift bag under the tree.

3. Then, fill it up with flour, cereal, coffee beans or any other small, messy item.

4.Put tissue paper in the bag and write the recipient’s name on the tag.

5. Finally, wait until the impatient recipient tries to check out the gift. He will be left with a mess to clean up!


6. The Forgotten Gift


Did you completely forget to buy a Christmas gift for someone at home? Don’t worry. With this next wrapping trick, you don’t need to purchase a single thing…other than a large amount of wrapping paper.


1. First, you’ll have to make sure you can get into their bedroom or home office without them noticing.

2. Next, visit your local dollar store or convenience store to purchase tons of wrapping paper.

3. Finally, when your friend or family member isn’t home, sneak into their room and cover the entire area in wrapping paper from top to bottom!


Christmas Chair Wrapping Paper PrankPhoto from Flickr


They’ll be shocked to return and get to spend the next 30 minutes unwrapping all the furniture you “gave them.”


These are some gift wrapping prank classics. Pick one of the above tips or combine them to create some amusing memories with your friends and family members this year!



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