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4 Tips For Couponing Your Way To A New Home

Deciding to buy a home is a big decision. Saving for a deposit on your dream home can be stressful mentally and financially. But there are ways to take some of the pressure off your pocketbook and ease your mind when saving for a deposit. One easy way to save money without having to give up things you love is to coupon.


You don’t have to be an extreme couponer and devote whole rooms of your home to stock pile 100 boxes of cereal and 45 bottles of dish washing liquid in order to save a little each month.


The Trick


The trick to saving a few dollars by couponing is planning ahead. Before going to the grocery store or your favorite retail store, plan ahead by looking for sales and making your shopping list around those sales.


Here are more simple couponing tips to help you get one step closer your brand new home:


1. Scan Weekly Ads

weekly coupon ads


Most supermarkets run week-long sales ads in local newspapers and on their websites. Before planning your meals each week, scan these ads and plan your meals around what’s on sale.


Many retailers also offer weekly sales ads in newspapers and on websites, so before going on your next shopping spree, check out that week’s deals to save a few bucks!


2. Clip Coupons

sunday paper coupons


Buy a Sunday paper for the coupon circulars distributed each week and clip coupons for products your family uses. Be sure to cross reference the coupons to the weekly ads of your favorite stores to see if you can get double the savings.


3. Download eCoupons

online ecouponds


Many supermarkets and retailers now offer digital coupons on their websites to download on a mobile app and scanned in the store or download and print at home.


4. Visit Manufacturer Websites


Manufacturers often offer additional coupons on their websites to download and use in stores. Sometimes these coupons can be used in addition to coupons from weekly circulars, so be sure to read the fine print on all of your coupons to see if your coupons qualify!


Many manufacturers will also offer periodic coupons sent directly to you if you sign up for their email distribution.


Girl working on Laptop in Coffee Shop


As you use couponing to save money, make sure you set aside your savings for your new home. If you forget that part, all the savings won't help you achieve your goals of homeownership! Add up savings from your coupons every week and make sure you set aside the money you save in your bank account, or if you use cash as you shop, stick your savings in a designated jar or safe to ensure your couponing helps you get your dream home. 

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