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Comfy + Cozy: How to Make Your Holiday Décor Work After Christmas

The few weeks following Christmas are always a blur. Remnants of wrapping paper, unopened toys, dishes piled high in the sink and red and green decorations still strewn about are all signs that Christmas has come and gone.


So…now what?

You worked hard to get your Christmas decorations just right, hanging garland and lights and finding the perfect spot for every single ornament. It can be hard to tear them all down as soon as December 26th rolls around!


Here are a few ways to make the most of your holiday décor through the rest of winter:


Keep Your Neutral Decorations Out

Pine garland with twinkle lights and flocked pinecones on a wooden mantl


Things like greenery, winter villages and snow-inspired décor can live on until spring is in sight! These simple and neutral decorations keep your home feeling festive in an otherwise dreary season.


Pro-Tip: When choosing your Christmas décor, consider choosing a neutral color palette that is easier to carry over into the New Year!


Leave Your Tree Up + Lose the Ornaments

Flocked Christmas tree with white twinkle lights and a sign that says gather.


Nothing says “warm winter wishes” like the glow of the lights on your Christmas tree. Taking down my tree is one of my least favorite parts of the post-Christmas blues. So, who says you have to do it all at once? Take off the ornaments and leave those twinkle lights on for a few more weeks.


Pro-Tip: Decorate your Christmas tree with felt ball, wood bead or the classic popcorn and cranberry garland to give your tree a little something extra when you take off all the ornaments.


Blankets, Blankets, Blankets

Living room with cognac leather chair, plaid blanket, cozy fur pillow.


Once Christmas has passed, it’s the perfect time to take those few slow days following to spend time cozying up with your loved ones. Chunky knits, soft Sherpa and classic flannel blankets make the cold, dreary season seem far warmer.


Pro-Tip: After washing your blankets, throw them in the dryer with a few wool dryer balls and a couple of drops of essential oil for a sweet-smelling, static-free snuggle!


Embrace Natural Textures and Design

Wood window panes with chipped paint decorated with eucalyptus wreaths.


Traditional greenery is always in style, Christmas or not! Keep those pine garlands fresh or add sprigs of greenery to your centerpieces. You can also take advantage of textures like wood or metal in your design to give your home a Scandinavian nature-inspired feel.


Pro-Tip: To keep real greenery fresh longer, soak it in water and let it dry thoroughly before hanging.


Keep Things Glowing



Whether it’s twinkle lights or flickering candles, it’s fun to give your home a holiday glow. Things like taper candles, pillar candles and fireplaces are wonderful all year long, not just in the winter! So, after Christmas is over, repurpose them and give them an everyday place in your home.


Pro-Tip: Choose candles that are all the same scent or unscented entirely to avoid creating an over-the-top smell throughout your home. Classic scents like vanilla or linen keep a cohesive feel from room to room.




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