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Colors For Your Manufactured Home Bedroom To Help You Sleep

Bright colors, fun designs, comfy pillows and cool lighting can all add to the atmosphere of a bedroom, but what about making sure it is decorated for its true function--sleep?


When decorating your bedroom, keep in mind how to make it the coziest place to tuck in at night. You want colors that promote relaxation and create a calm mood!

If you are looking to re-decorate for 2017 or start designing a bedroom as a new year's resolution, you should consider decorating with colors that are believed to improve sleep!


How can paint colors affect sleep?

warm bedroom 1.jpg


There is actually quite a bit of science behind what colors can help you sleep best!


Long story short, your eyes are directly connected to receptors in your brain that take in your surroundings and affect your state of being. goes into more detail about how certain colors can help you sleep at night because they make you feel calm and at ease. Basically, we associate different colors with different feelings, which means our bodies respond physically to different colors!


So what colors are the best for sleep?



Although there are many colors to choose from, blue is actually the color that can affect your sleep pattern in the most positive way by helping you relax.


Studies show that people who paint their bedroom walls blue tend to sleep longer and deeper than those who paint their walls with bright colors.


However, if blue isn’t in the color palette you desire, you can choose from a variety of calming shades such as grays, silvers, neutral tones, greens, pale corals, beiges and many more.


A cool taupe might be great, especially since it’s predicted to be 2017’s most popular paint color!



What colors are the worst for sleep?


It is tempting to paint a bedroom vibrant, bright colors because they are fun. However, it is actually a good idea to avoid bright colors in the bedroom.


Bright colors tend to create a lot of energy in a room and discourage calm, relaxed vibes that help you sleep.


It can be hard to avoid these palettes, especially in bedrooms for kids, but if there is a specific color that you are set on using, try it in a muted shade! This allows you to keep the scheme you want while still encouraging the best atmosphere for a good night’s rest.



What colors does Clayton offer?


Clayton offers many different color options including blues, beiges, taupe and grays!



Try a calm, neutral beige like the above tone in a kid's bedroom!



Mix cool grays and blues in your room for a peaceful retreat!



Look for grays and browns that have cool green undertones like this bedroom!



This gray that has olive undertones is calming and natural. It balances out pops of red perfectly to create a balance between energizing and calming colors!



This bedroom has been painted a gray color that has blue and lavender undertones, making it a soothing place to rest!

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