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Clayton’s Season of Giving – How Schult Rockwell Helped One of Its Own

 Throughout Clayton’s home building facilities, offices and home centers, you’ll find team members who are not only committed to helping the local community, but also treat each other like family. The consistent commitment to one another creates true teams and an environment where our team members love to work every day.


Rockwell Team Members


At Schult Rockwell, team members embraced one of their own Clayton family members when his wife got in a car accident. James Garrett’s wife had a car accident that resulted in an amputation that required her to use a wheelchair to get around. However, Garrett and his wife had no way for her to access their home. That’s when Garrett’s fellow Clayton team members rallied around the couple to help them.


How the Ramp Project Began

Wood Ramp Built Onto Home


Before his wife came home from the hospital, Garrett had told Johnnie File, who works in cabinets and molding at the home building facility, that he had a deck on the back of his home, and he’d need some way to roll her up to the deck. Garett asked File, who had experience building projects like decks, what it would take to build a ramp to the deck.


File saw the opportunity for Clayton to help his fellow team member. He took the idea of team members helping build a ramp to his facility’s Pride Team, a team at Schult Rockwell that’s committed to service and helping team members.


“It’s a perfect opportunity to help James out,” File said.


The Pride team took extra materials that Clayton couldn’t use and rallied together. File said that the first night of building the ramp, the team worked until 10 p.m. The following day, team members returned to finish the ramp and put handrails on it.



Changing a Team Member’s Life

File said that helping Garrett brought the whole Clayton team together.


“We’re pretty close here, so they came together, told him things are going to be okay, asked ‘is there anything else we can do for you?’” File said.


File explained that the team would really encourage Garrett through his circumstances. File said that the team saw Garrett’s need, and team members were more than happy to rally together around their Clayton family.


Schult Rockwell – Always Giving

Rockwell Team Members Standing Outside


Helping others at Schult Rockwell doesn’t end at coming around Garrett and his wife. The team members at the facility constantly seek to help one another and the local community.


“People let us know in the plant if there’s a need there, then the Pride team comes together to talk about it and if they can help, they try to,” File said.


For instance, File said that one morning, he got a call around 5 a.m. that one of his team members had gotten hit by a car as he drove his moped to work. His fellow team members rallied together to help pay his rent and power bill while he could not work. Eventually, he did return to work at the facility and File said, not only was he incredibly appreciative of his Clayton family, but he worked just as hard as before.


In another instance, a private Christian school about a mile away from the building facility asked if Clayton had any scrap cabinets that they could donate to the school’s kitchen.


File said that the school didn’t care whether the cabinets were the same color or were just parts of cabinets. However, the facility saw the need and with the production manager’s permission, donated all new countertops, overhead cabinets and standup cabinets to the school’s kitchen.


“Giving back draws us closer as a community and as a team. We do have a lot of team members that want to get involved, sometimes we have more than enough which is awesome,” File said.


Clayton Season of Giving Logo


Clayton’s Season of Giving is all about giving back in whatever ways we can. Whether it’s helping a fellow team member make their home a better place to live or helping members of the local community, Clayton employees across the country are eager to help one another and give what they can.

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