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Clayton Supply - A Manufactured Home Industry Innovation

Did you know Clayton has an internal supply company?


It's just another reason Clayton is a manufactured home industry leader!


Known as Clayton Supply, our internal supply chain management system allows the company to have lower mobile home building costs and pass those savings on to home buyers!


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Why not manufacture the materials for the homes you build?


Clayton believes in using quality materials and having a supply chain management system lets us save money and ensure the quality of the products that are being used to build our homes. 


What Clayton Supply Produces


Clayton Supply facilities are located across the country in California, Texas, Alabama, Oregon, North Carolina and Tennessee. Different facilities manufacture materials like vinyl, insulated windows, gypsum wallboard, trusses, cabinets, moldings and more!


Insulated Clayton Supply WindowsInsulated Windows


Clayton Supply Building Gypsum BoardsGypsum wall boards


Steel Trusses WeldingSteel Trusses


Clayton Supply CabinetryCabinetry


Clayton Supply Ceiling MoldingMolding


How Facilities Get Materials

Clayton Supply also has regional distribution centers that house materials to support the home building facilities. Quality materials are purchased in bulk and delivered daily to the facilities.

Buying in bulk reduces the cost of building materials for our company which gives the home buyer added savings. Some materials purchased in bulk include lumber, ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, furnaces, carpet, water heaters and more.


Clayton Supply Distribution Truck


Clayton Supply improves efficiency, affordability and quality control. By continuing to create innovative processes and use green building practices, the mobile home industry and the homes we build are becoming more energy efficient. 



These innovations allow home buyers to enjoy cost savings and energy efficiency benefits for years to come!
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