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Here at Clayton we believe in using quality materials in every home we build, so we choose certain materials to procure on our own. Having an internal supply chain management system for the materials in our homes allows us to save money and ensure the quality of the products that are being used in Clayton Built® homes across the U.S.


What Clayton Supply Produces


Clayton Supply facilities are located across the country in:


  • Alabama
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Texas


Different facilities across the country manufacture home construction materials like vinyl, insulated windows, gypsum wallboard, trusses, cabinets, moldings and more!


How Home Building Facilities Get Materials

Trained craftsmen working hard in a Clayton supply facility.


As the Clayton Supply chain has grown, regional distribution centers have also been established across the country to house construction materials that will be shipped to home building facilities. This includes the materials we manufacture and the materials we purchase in bulk from other suppliers.


Buying in bulk reduces the cost of building materials for our company, which saves us money and allows us to pass savings on to you! Some materials we purchase in bulk include:


  • Lumber
  • ENERGY STAR® certified appliances*
  • Furnaces
  • Carpet
  • Water heaters
  • And so much more!


These and other materials that go into building your home are purchased in bulk and delivered to our home building facilities.


The Benefits of Clayton Supply

Blue Clayton supply logo with a green chevron.


Prefabricated homes are all about efficiency. Cutting down the number of steps in the building process helps us offer the best value to home buyers. From being constructed in a climate controlled facility to a team of experienced architects and engineers designing the home, every aspect of building a prefabricated home is planned to reduce waste, cost and construction time.


1. Clayton Supply Helps Facilities Purchase Precisely

One of the ways manufactured home building facilities make building faster and more efficient is by planning out which homes they will build each day in advance. Because of the streamlined building process in our facilities, they are able to plan to build multiple homes per day.


A building plan also allows the facility to strategize how much building material they need to purchase.


Trained craftsmen working in a facility wearing a hardhat.


At Clayton, we have the ability to order an exact amount of home building materials AND keep just enough materials in stock for each home instead of wasting supplies. We take green building seriously and Clayton Supply lets us continue to purchase, store and move these home building materials more efficiently to benefit our customers and the environment.


2. Clayton Supply Cuts Out the Middleman

We can save you money by buying directly from regional suppliers that provide exact material quantities, instead of having two or three middlemen between the suppliers and retailers.


Suppliers allow us to purchase materials at the lowest price available and this helps us provide affordable prefabricated homes to home buyers across America. By cutting out the middleman, Clayton can also save time building each home because we store and ship the materials ourselves.

Shelves full of building material inside a Clayton supply facility.


Also, another advantage is that you can rest assured that there will be less waste that will end up as material waste in the landfills since our home building facilities plan out the amount of building materials we need and order from Clayton Supply appropriately.


3. Clayton Supply Gives Material Buying Power to Building Facilities

Even though each prefabricated home floor plan is built to a carefully engineered design, numerous appliances and features have affordable customization options.


Because Clayton home building facilities install hundreds of appliances and fixtures every year, everything from dishwashers and refrigerators to cabinets and light fixtures are bought at wholesale prices and are expertly fitted into the homes we build.


Other manufactured and modular home building material upgrades are available in many of our home models at a low additional cost. These upgrades include:



Trained craftsmen driving a forklift toward home building materials.


By continuing to use green building practices and create innovative processes like Clayton Supply, the manufactured housing industry and the homes we build are constantly becoming more energy efficient. Check out how efficient our home building process is and let us help you achieve the American Dream of homeownership today!





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*ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.




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