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Can You Move a Mobile Home?

If you already own a manufactured home, you know that one of the perks of manufactured homes is the freedom that comes along with them. Not only are they an affordable and quality option, they also allow homeowners to relocate without having to leave the home of their dreams behind.


Are manufactured homes movable?

Double Wide Home on Empty Lot


The short answer is yes, manufactured homes are “mobile.” However, being able to move a manufactured home is costly and dependent on a few factors, including your current manufactured home foundation.


Make sure to review the following and plan ahead in order to safely move your manufactured home.


1. Can the home handle the move?



Some mobile homes that are older may not be able to withstand a move. The moving company you choose to move the home will let you know if the home can be moved. Sometimes, new tires and other standard equipment may be necessary to make the home moveable1.


2. Consider if the home is allowed to be moved to the desired location.


Your home may have been built to certain requirements depending on where it was originally placed. For example, a mobile home may be built to Zone 1 wind zone requirements. You may want to move the home to Florida, which requires manufactured homes to be built to either Zone 2 or 3 wind zone requirements depending on the location in Florida.


However, because Florida is more likely to experience hurricane level winds, a home built to Zone 1 requirements cannot be moved to Zone 2 or 3 regions. This is mandated by federal standards. It will also be verified by your new home destination’s local code officials when your home’s installation is completed to ensure that your home complies with federal and local standards for construction and installation.

Wind Zones.jpg


Photo by Manufactured Housing Institute


Interestingly though, a home built to Zone 3 wind zone requirements can be moved to Zone 1 wind zone regions, as long as all other building requirements are met in the new location of the home.


There are also towns that have land use laws that do not allow manufactured homes that are over a certain age, so make sure to check zoning requirements of the new location before moving the home.


For instance, in the State of Washington, cities and counties are allowed to set standards for double wide manufactured homes based on age, foundation, energy efficiency and design standards if they’re permanently placed outside of an existing manufactured home community.2


3. Is moving your manufactured home cost effective?

Moving Double Wide Mobile Home to Land


Is it worth how much it will cost to move the mobile home? To figure that out for your personal budget and to make sure you get a good deal, compare the value of the manufactured home with the cost of moving the manufactured home.


So how much will it cost to move your manufactured home?

Labeling a Mobile Home for Transportation


Because there are many variable costs associated with moving a home, such as the size of the home, distance, permits and minimum charges, the cost to move a home varies.


Some good starting estimates for short distance moves range from $2,500 for a single wide and $5,000 for a double wide. SF Gate reports the cost to be $2,000-$5,000 for moves under 100 miles and the cost per mile to be between $6-$15.3


Cost factors to consider when moving a manufactured home include:

Preparing New Mobile Home Site Plumbing and Septic


  • Permits to transport and for relocation
  • New foundation construction
  • Home repairs
  • Labor
  • Hooking the home up to utilities
  • New land
  • Preparing the new home site

The final price of moving your manufactured home will be determined by the transportation company you choose. Depending on the price of the move and home set up process in your new location, it could be more time and cost efficient to purchase a new home in your new desired location.


What to Look for in Potential Movers

Truck Drivers Getting Ready to Move Mobile Home


Finding reputable professionals in the area who provide excellent service and are able to move your manufactured home correctly and safely is important. You should never move a mobile home yourself because it is a complex project that requires professionals.


There are a few things to look for when searching for a fair price and the right people to move a manufactured home3:


  • Look for a company that specializes in moving large homes
  • Get multiple quotes from companies in the area to find the best price
  • Make sure the transportation company is licensed and insured


Typically, you can expect the transportation company you choose to:


  • Inspect the home to determine if it can be transported
  • Usually get the permits needed to move the home
  • Disconnect plumbing and other utilities prior to moving the home


Moving Preparation List of To Dos


Moving a manufactured home is possible, but it’s a big job. If it’s something you and your family decide to do, make sure to plan ahead and find the best people to do the job to make the process much easier!


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