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Built of Savings: How Manufactured Home Builders Source Building Materials

Manufactured homes are all about efficiency. From being constructed in a climate controlled facility to exacting plans designed by a team of experienced architects and engineers, every aspect of building a manufactured home is made to reduce waste and construction time to offer the best value to homeowners.


 Home Building Facility Wall Materials


One of the ways manufactured housing facilities can do this is by planning homes and building schedules in advance and being able to build multiple homes in a day! This lets the facility know ahead of time how much building material needs to be purchased.


Home Building Facility Sink and Hardware Materials


Instead of ordering studs, windows, nails, shingles and any other necessary material in specified, planned amounts, the site built home builder tends to buy more material than what he actually needs to build the home.


Have you ever seen the number of dumpsters at a site built home’s job site? They’re filled with hundreds of feet of material. Not only is this not great for the environment, but every square inch of plywood, drywall and tile that is wasted means higher costs.


How Mobile Home Manufacturers Save You Money


Instead of having two or three middlemen between the suppliers and the retailers, manufactured home building facilities buy from regional suppliers that provide exact material quantities to the factories. Clayton has even added internal supply facilities that produce some of the building materials that go in Clayton Built® homes!


Home Building Facility Lumber Materials


In other words, the home builder buys the exact amount of building materials they need at the lowest price available. Since it costs less to buy materials and having the right amount of building materials available speeds up the building process, Clayton is able to pass the time and cost savings on to you!  


Plus, you can rest assured that less waste means a lot less material in landfills.


Other Benefits to the Buying Power of Home Facilities




Even though the floor plans and general dimensions of the home are built to a carefully engineered plan, features and appliances of many homes are customizable and available at a lower price than site built homes.


Because home building facilities install hundreds of appliances every year, everything from dishwashers to refrigerators and light fixtures are bought at wholesale prices and expertly fitted into your custom home.



Home Building Facility Cabinet Materials


Other manufactured home building materials like premium exterior siding, energy efficient windows and flooring are also included with many home models, all at a low cost to you, the home buyer.


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Efficient material sourcing is just one way that homes save you money. For more info about how mobile home building facilities build homes, check out Clayton’s expert building process today!


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