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4 Things To Consider When Moving Your Tiny Home Across the Country

One of the best parts of owning a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) is the freedom to roam the country. Your home could be in Georgia today and take your tiny house to Indiana tomorrow!

But traveling with a tiny home takes care and preparation to ensure a stress-free experience. Use this checklist when planning your tiny house adventure!
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How to Get Ready to Move Your THOW (Tiny House on Wheels)
1. Check Height and Weight

Each state has restrictions on the weight limit allowed on the roads. Tiny homes can be weighed at truck weighing centers and should be weighed separately from the truck.
Additionally, with bridges and overpasses, most THOWs cannot exceed 13.5 feet tall and 8.5 feet wide. Larger THOWs may require permits, escort cars and alternate routes to make it to the new destination safely.
2. Building Materials

Some home building materials are tricky when it comes to lots of travel. Drywall, granite and tile in your tiny home can crack or separate while moving at high speeds down roadways. Many THOW owners opt for more durable materials that are also lighter weight.

3. Secure Internal and External Items

There’s nothing like arriving at your destination and the inside of your THOW looking like a tornado ran through it!
Bungee cords or even large rubber bands are useful to secure cabinets and drawers during transport. Also, be sure to ensure any outside features such as steps, porches and siding are travel ready.

4. Call Ahead for Parking

As THOWs grow in popularity, so does acceptance for parking them in campgrounds. Make sure to call ahead and check requirements. 
New zoning laws and initiatives are also making tiny home parking more available!
Commonly asked questions that the campground or local regulators may ask you include the dimensions of your THOW and how much water and electricity you will need. 
You can also ask friends and family if you can park your THOW in their yard, but only if local zoning regulations allow temporary parking. 
What a Great Freedom!

Unlike RVs and traditional homes, THOWs give us the independence to travel and explore. If you have a tiny home on wheels, it's as easy as hitching up the tiny home to a truck. With a bit of planning and preparation, your tiny house on wheels will be ready for any journey!
An Alternative Tiny Home Solution
If you're interested in a permanent tiny living solution, Clayton's new Designer Series tiny homes are a great way to downsize to a simpler lifestyle.
These tiny homes are an efficient, luxurious solution to the demands of the tiny home movement, and since they are built as small modular homes, they can be placed permanently on land and eliminate concerns around constantly relocating your home. 
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