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What Is The Difference Between A Manufactured Home And A Modular Home?

Have you ever wondered, what is the difference between a manufactured home and a modular home? Here's a quick break down to let you know what makes the difference!


What defines a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes are built to a strict, national building code regulated by HUD, the HUD Code, so they can be sold anywhere across the country. HUD Code sets standards for design and construction, body and frame requirements, thermal protection, plumbing and electrical, fire safety, energy efficiency, safety in certain weather conditions and other aspects of manufactured homes.
Manufactured homes used to be called mobile homes, but when HUD Code was put into effect in 1976, the name for homes built to HUD Code changed from mobile home to manufactured home!
What defines a modular home?
Modular Home
Modular homes are built to meet all applicable building codes to fulfill the regulations of their final destinations.
In  many places, modular homes can remain on their steel frame, which is an on-frame modular home, but most people prefer to remove the modular home from the steel chassis it is built on and this type is an off-frame modular home. 
What are the similarities between modular and manufactured homes?
  • Built in climate-controlled facilities with precision.
  • Delivered to the work site in pieces, on a frame and put together on the spot. 
  • Built with quality materials like site built homes.
  • Ability to affix home to land via a permanent foundation. 

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