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Urban Micro Living Around The World

Tiny living isn't just about small homes, although we do love tiny homes like our Designer Series tiny homes. Crowded cities are also looking for innovative, small space solutions to accommodate increasing populations. 


Clayton Designer Series Tiny Home Living Room & Kitchen 

Many of these microliving spaces are adaptations of modular home building practices. Check out the videos below to see examples from Warsaw, New York City and Paris.

The World's Thinnest Home

Located in Warsaw, Poland, this tiny space is not for the claustrophobic. 
Small Living Solutions

New York is an expensive, high density city. These apartments will provide an affordable, modular housing option for singles and couples.
Paris Micro Apartment

This micro space creates useful spaces without blocking light.
When it comes to living tiny, the only limits are your imagination. Whether you're in an urban micro apartment or portable tiny home like a tiny home on wheels (THOW), creating a small space that works for your lifestyle just takes some thoughtful planning and ingenuity.  
Clayton has even answered the demand for simple, sustainable, small space housing with our Designer Series tiny homes. These homes are built as small modular homes and are a great way to downsize your life. 
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