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How To Choose The Perfect Rug Size

Rugs are like buying jeans from a new store. You know you need some, but what size do you need?

Rocketeer Family Room Large RugThe Rocketeer model by Schult


I love it when stores provide a "size chart" with measurements linked to their size system. That lets me easily determine my size for that store. 

We can do a similar thing with rugs!

How to Begin Choosing a Rug

Start by visualizing what proportions you need for your room. If you have trouble with what proportions work best in your space, check out this illustration from Design By Numbers. 


How to choose the correct Rug size


If the measurements mess you up, then take away the numbers and focus on the pictures.

Which one makes the space look the most complete? The fullest? The third one, right?!

You can apply this principle to every situation where you want to place a rug.

Freedom Model Living Room Furniture and RugFreedom model by Schult


Steps to Applying the Method

So how do you apply this to your room?

1. Get out a tape measurer, a ruler, and some paper.

2. Draw your room to scale with all your furniture sketched in place. It doesn't have to be beautiful; use squares and circles if you're not artistic.

3. Once you've got your room drawn, lightly sketch in a rug that fills up your space. 

4. Use your scale to determine how big your rug should be in the room. 

5. Go rug shopping to find a rug that fits your vision!

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