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Manufactured And Modular Homes Around The World

Around the world, the benefits of pre-fab and manufactured homes are flowering in an architectural movement to redefine the way we build.


The Tahiti Model Mobile Home ExteriorThe Tahiti model by Marlette

In Australia, Switzerland, Japan, and other countries around the world, prefab and manufactured homes are growing as a popular and economical way to build your dream abode.

Check out the following companies that are building modular and manufactured homes as a way to solve problems and create more personalized, innovative prefab homes all over the world!



A booming economy and rapidly expanding population has necessitated manufactured housing to keep up with demand. The manufactured housing climate includes everything from studio-type manufactured homes to high-end modular mansions


An architectural authority in Europe for the last century has adapted their manufactured housing to accommodate ultra-modern building trends, and produce homes that match the beautiful architectural heritage of Switzerland. Homes from Swisshaus are sleek, modern and come with a variety of exterior options!



Japan does not have a lot of space to build homes. In fact, the average home in Japan will only last 40 years before someone buys it, tears it down and builds a new one.

With new technologies in manufactured housing, Japanese builders are experimenting with pre-fab houses that will be strong, durable and more adaptive with cultural evolution. Featured in Gizmodo, Muji Homes has created gorgeous prefab homes.

Own a Toyota? In Japan, Toyota has been making modular homes for the last 20 years. Read more on their approach and concepts at Toyota.


Why It's Working

Enterprise Mobile Home Exterior


Why are manufactured and prefab houses doing so well in all these wealthy countries?

The answer is simple. Each of these societies has realized the benefits of and necessity for more efficient housing construction that makes homes more affordable, greener and healthier

Here in America, our culture prizes craftsmanship and individuality. In days gone by, manufactured homes did not always live up to these ideals.

Today, however, manufactured homes are meant to reflect you, keep your family healthy, and free up your time and money for what you love.

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