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Lighting In Your Manufactured Home

When designing a room, the role of lighting is often overlooked even though it has a HUGE impact. Luckily, Clayton has plenty of beautiful lighting options to enhance the style of your home.


Lighting Sets The Mood

Lighting in Your Manufactured HomeThe Newport model by Schult


To choose the right kind of lighting for your manufactured home, keep in mind its purpose. For example, a lamp with a dark shade is not the best choice for your office space. The dark shade tones down the light, and makes it difficult to read. But that same lampshade could be the star of a darkened room by adding drama to the space.

With this in mind, I break lighting down into 3 categories:


1. Task Lighting

Lighting in Your Manufactured Home


You need it for areas like utility rooms or kitchens, where defined jobs take place. Big, bright, and even lighting is the main focus here. Look for recessed lighting options combined with hanging chandeliers like the one above.

2. General Lighting

Lighting in Your Manufactured Home

The Steal model by Clayton


General lighting works best in triangles. Triangle configurations create even lighting to fill any room easily. Augment general lighting with task and accent lighting to make the most of your space. If there's a corner where your recessed lighting doesn't quite reach, enhance your space with a corner table and lamp or a standing lamp. 

3. Accent Lighting



Accent lighting enhances the feeling of a space. Your kitchen needs lots of task lighting because of all the activities involved in food preparation. Many times, the kitchen is also a hangout area in your home.


To soften the atmosphere from bright task lighting, just add a dimmer switch to existing overhead fixtures. You’ll create a cozy, inviting atmosphere to encourage lots of great conversations and unexpected moments, like a dance off!!


How to Add New Lighting


Check out the lighting section of your local lumber yard or home maintenance store for all the newest innovations in lighting options. You can even find new concepts to work with just within the light bulb aisle. 

You can also retrofit most fixtures to adapt to newer lighting technology. This is a simple way to add beauty and reduce energy costs. And don't forget to ask your local home center what kind of lighting options are available for your manufactured or modular home when you get ready to buy your new home. 

Lighting is the final design layer to a wonderful room. Put a little time and thought into the process to create a positive change! 


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