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How To Improve Your Credit To Buy Your Manufactured Home

Keeping track of your credit score is important both before and after you buy a new home.


Before applying for a loan with the lender of you choice, you will want to get your credit in the best shape possible to help increase your ability to get the best possible loan terms! Building and maintaining a good credit score can help make the loan process much easier.

Check out these tips on how to keep your credit in check and how to improve your credit score the smart way.

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1. Show Financial Stability

It is important to show financial stability when you apply for a loan. One way to do this is to open a new checking or savings account and deposit money into your bank. This can show your mortgage company that you have funds available, in addition to your income, to cover expenses in case of emergency.


2. Get A Secured Credit Card

A secured credit card has a predetermined line of credit so that you can't spend over your credit limit.


Your credit line is determined by and equal to the required security deposit you put down to obtain the card. A secured credit card is a great way to build credit and help keep the amount of dept you accumulate manageable.


3. Avoid Applying For Unnecessary Store Cards

Be cautious of advertising or sales promotions that offer purchase discounts if you apply for a store credit card. Credit applications may appear as inquiries on credit reports, which could suggest that you are taking on additional debt.


Use existing lines of credit instead of applying for additional lines that could have a negative impact on your credit report.


4. Spend Wisely

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Overspending is one of the most common mistakes that people make after obtaining a credit card. Being aware of how often and how much you spend on your credit card is an excellent way to prevent yourself from accumulating excessive credit card debt. 


Excessive debt has a significant negative impact on your credit score. Spend wisely, create a budget, stick to your budget and pay off your credit card debt as quickly as possible!

By using these tips to keep you credit in check, you have achieve better loan terms! You can view your credit report for free at

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