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How To Add Color And Texture To Your Rooms

Add visual interest to your living space is by using contrasting colors and textures! To create an energetic and upbeat feeling in your space, use highly contrasting colors and textures.


Contrasting Colors

Primary colors deliver vibrancy and visual charge to your room when used together. For example, a blue curtain against yellow walls will supercharge contrast in your room.


How to Add Color and Texture to Manufactured HomeThe True Perfor Arch model by Clayton


As you can see in the True Perfor Arch model living room above, pops of yellow, blue and red tones all contrast against one another, but are balanced across the room to create an exciting, energetic feel!


Contrasting Textures

Different textured materials that reflect and absorb light in varying ways also create dynamic visual interest, such as jute placed next to smooth glass or ceramic pottery. Metal and mirrored items against rustic wooden pieces highlight each other and produce a visual “bounce”.


How to Add Color and Texture to Manufactured Home

The Bordeaux model by Norris


Above, you can see mixed textures and colors on the bookshelves. Even the mixed colors and textures of plants with lots of wood detailing brings pops of detail and interest to the room!


Choosing Similar Colors and Textures

On the other hand, to create a restful and calming feeling, utilize monochromatic colors schemes. Monochromatic colors are different values and shades of the same color family. Less contrast makes a space more relaxing. Your eyes and brain don’t have to work as hard to process what’s going on. 

Soothing and comforting textures include soft cotton fabrics and well-worn wooden surfaces. Also it helps to calm a space if you repeat the same item or pattern.

Tell your style story at home! Keep it genuine by using your favorite things and have fun! Take a look at the video below to see how I use color and texture to liven up a space.



Whether you decide that choosing similar colors and textures to style your room is right for you or you go with diverse, contrasting materials and tones, the beauty of owning your own manufactured home is that you can make it all your own. Clayton has interior design styles and options for families across the U.S. to customize to create the perfect home for their lifestyle. 

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