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Celebrating Halloween Home Traditions in Your Manufactured Home

One of our favorite parts of homeownership is the ability to start traditions and create memories with the ones you love in your Clayton Built® home, especially around the holidays.


While many Halloween traditions stem from spooky tales and ancient legends, there are lots of fun ways for you and your family to celebrate the holiday without worrying about summoning the dead!


Here are some fun traditions to start in your home this year:

Trick-or-Treating & Costumes

Pumpkins and Skeleton “Watch Your Step” Doormat.


One Halloween tradition you can almost always count on is the classic trick-or-treat!


This longstanding tradition is a fun way for kids (and adults!) to spend their holiday. Whether you go all out with elaborate costumes and makeup or the simple, last-minute costumes are more your style, nothing beats the nostalgia of dressing up and going door-to-door with your family.


Clayton Quick Tip: The 5028-267 home model by Clayton has a perfect front porch for greeting trick-or-treaters as they arrive!

Pumpkin Decorating & Jack-O-Lanterns

Miniature Pumpkins Decorated Like Sprinkle Donuts.


This is a fun one to create and get everyone involved! Decorating pumpkins has always been a favorite Halloween tradition. You can carve them, paint them, color them, cover them in stickers, you name it! Even if your pumpkin carving skills aren’t up to par, this is a tradition your family can laugh about and treasure for years to come.


Clayton Quick Tip: The kitchen in the Clifton home model by Clayton features a kitchen island unlike any other. It is a rectangular island that also offers a lower half-circle countertop giving everyone plenty of room for pumpkin decorating!


Make the Same Meal Every Year

Family and Friends Gathered Around Table for Fall Meal.


One way to build memories in your home is to put the kitchen to good use and make your Halloween meal a tradition! You can host a potluck where everyone brings their favorite soup, pie or casserole. Make ghost and pumpkin-shaped pancakes or sandwiches. You could even go big and take your Halloween meal outside with these fun ideas for outdoor cooking this fall. Getting creative is what makes this tradition so special!


Keeping up with traditions will have people looking forward to spending Halloween in your home every year!


Clayton Quick Tip: The open floor plan in the Stockton home model by Southern Homes makes it a perfect home for entertaining. Family and friends can gather and spread out across the kitchen, den and living room without feeling cramped.

Have a Halloween Movie Night
Recliners and TV in Theater Room in Lloyd Manufactured Home by Clayton.


Are you a fan of horror films or Thrillers? Good ‘ole fashioned Halloween stories you watch year after year? Pick your favorites and gather friends and family to watch with you! If you want to go the extra mile, have everyone bring their favorite Halloween treat to share. Don’t forget the popcorn!


Clayton Quick Tip: The theater room in the Lloyd home model by Clayton is perfect for popping in a spooky movie and making memories!

Host a Bonfire

A couple roasting marshmallows over an aboveground fire pit.


Everyone enjoys a great big fire in the fall. Traditionally on Halloween, huge fires fueled from the harvest were burned to promote good fortune for the next year. Nowadays, we just embrace them for the s’mores and coziness! Always make sure that you take all proper safety precautions when using a fire pit.


Clayton Quick Tip: The Lulamae by Buccaneer offers lots of space for porch-sitting when the heat of the fire gets to be too much!


Holidays traditions are some of the sweetest traditions. Fortunately, Clayton makes celebrating easy with homes designed for building memories.


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