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5 Ways To Downsize Your Kitchen and Declutter

Downsizing not just my kitchen, but my whole house is an endeavor I’ve undertaken for the past few years. So far, it's been easy to let go of clothes I never wear, keepsakes that don’t mean anything to me and things I simply don’t need.

It is, however, fairly daunting to downsize my kitchen. I’ve found tons of old stained cookbooks, plastic one-trick-pony appliances and more knives, spatulas and serving spoons than I could ever need.


5 Ways to Downsize and Declutter Your KitchenThe Bordo di Mare model by Clayton


Below are 5 kitchen decluttering ideas I’ve used to downsize my kitchen! These kitchen decluttering steps are simple and make it much easier to clean my kitchen, keep it organized and enjoy cooking.




Tips to Downsize and Declutter Your Kitchen


1. Give Away Specialty Appliances 

Unless it’s a completely new food group that has been invented since the 60’s, chances are you can make anything with basic kitchen items.


For example, a quesadilla maker only makes quesadillas, but a large cast iron pan can do that and grilled cheeses, eggs, ground beef and so much more.


If you want to downsize your kitchen, you don't have room for a juicer, donut maker and deep fryer. Throw out your extra stuff.



2. Find An Essential List Of Kitchen Ware

We talk about tiny houses a lot on this blog because they are the ultimate downsize! See this Tiny House blog for a great list for your kitchen needs. Add or remove pieces from the kitchen essentials list depending on your household’s needs.


3. Clear Out Your Pantry

Girl Opening Pantry Cabinet in Tiny Home


A cluttered pantry can make finding what you need difficult. This results in buying stuff you already have and ending up with expired items. Clutter ends up wasting your time and money!


Be wary of bulk items that you may not use. Somehow, I ended up with 3 bags of expired panko breadcrumbs. I never cook with panko breadcrumbs.


After you clear out your pantry, start storing your food in clear containers or labeled containers to make ingredients easier to identify. Then you're less likely to end up accumulating extra ingredients over time. 


4. Clear Out Your Refrigerator 

Just like your pantry, the refrigerator hides expired food from weeks, even months ago. Check out the Tiny House blog for advice on keeping your refrigerator clear! When you go to reorganize your refrigerator, organize by food type and keep meats together, produce together, and pre-cut snacks together.


5. Use One Set Of Glasses 

For the super committed, this saves a ton of space. If there are only two people in your house, you shouldn’t need 8 martini glasses. (Unless you entertain often.) Instead, a smart strategy to downsize your kitchen items is to buy attractive, multi-use glasses, and only keep as many glasses as there are people in the house. 


5 Ways to Downsize and Declutter Your KitchenThe Howell model by Cavalier

All of these steps help make a wonderfully simple kitchen with less cleaning and less clutter. Start getting rid of unnecessary kitchen items today to start on your journey to organization!


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