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4 Winter Manufactured Home Maintenance Tips

Manufactured homes have a few special winter needs that are different from site built homes. All Clayton Built® homes are built to last you and your family through many winters, so here are four tips to keep your manufactured home in tip top shape and to maximize the life of your home!

1. Avoid Winter Water Damage

Under the Cabinet Mobile Home Plumbing


Take some time to check underneath your mobile home plumbing for leaks before the weather gets too cold. Seal any leaks and replace sections with severe damage.

To avoid busted pipes this winter, make sure that heat tape is applied properly to your pipes. If you plan to leave for a long period of time, flush out the pipes and turn off the water supply. When you're not away for an extended period of time and it dips below freezing, it's a good idea to let your faucets drip overnight and to leave cabinets open to let heat reach pipes that are enclosed by those cabinets.


In certain parts of your home, especially the interior, you can wrap insulation around your pipes too. This can improve your home energy efficiency and reduce the likelihood of pipes freezing.

2. Make Sure Your Home Is Level

4 Winter Manufactured Home Maintenance Tips


This may seem like a no brainer, but all homes, both site built and manufactured, can move as they settle over time. To check to see if your manufactured home is level, remove the skirting and crawl under the home.

Start in the center. Take a long level and place it at the center of the support beam. Move your level along the beam and mark any areas with chalk that are not level.  We recommend contacting a professional to fix the issue for you if you find that your manufactured home is not level.


Always remember your safety when fixing home maintenance issues. Alert people when you are under the home and wear proper safety gear. 

3. Check Skirting

Good ventilation is key. Make sure your skirting allows for air circulation under the home. Also check your skirting during each season for tears or holes. Here's a helpful video about what to look for!



4. Check Seals4 Winter Weather Manufactured Home Maintenance Tips


Make sure the caulking in your mobile home is intact. Check windows, doors and around plumbing fixtures. Remove any cracked places and fill with new caulking. 

These are just a few suggestions to help you get your home winter ready. Your Clayton manufactured home has been built with strength and durability to endure all sorts of elements. Following our witner home maintenance tips enhances your home's efficiency and maximizes its life.


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