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Big Design for Smaller Spaces in Your Manufactured Home

What a great Summer this has been! Technology is making it possible for us to do things that we only dreamed about before including using a 3D printer to build a faucet or even a home! I’ve been on the road merchandising new homes for Clayton retailers and attending conventions and furniture shows discovering the best of the best to share with you.


There is one question that seems to come up over and over again - how do you decorate and furnish a small space?


I have some easy tips and ideas to make even the smallest space feel open and inviting!


Cut Clutter


So many people think that you should use lots of little things to decorate a small space - this is what you don’t want to do! Lots of miscellaneous items that don’t really work together covering every possible space makes a room feel cluttered and uninviting. And clutter can actually cause less productivity, cost you money and create chaos in your life!


Instead, try using larger pieces and group them together. These wall sculptures by The Phillips Collection are all complimentary and in the same finish. One wall of these is all you need - what a great statement!



Less Is More

Even though the dining table that seats 8 comes with a matching china cabinet that has been in your family for years, using parts of the set in different rooms might make your dining room feel more spacious. A china cabinet can become a great piece to use in a home office or guest room.



Modular Furniture



Sectional furniture is popular again and is a great way to have lots of seating and options in a small space. Armless chairs take up a lot less space and make a room feel more open. Using a sectional in a corner space provides a lot of seating without taking up valuable room. 



Space Planning

This is one of the most important aspects of designing your small space. But there are plenty of creative ways to plan room layouts!


If possible, keep furniture out of the paths people take from room to room. Nothing makes a room feel smaller than walking into a space and into the back of a sofa.



Personality Pieces



We love defining a space by using a special piece of artwork or an accessory that means something to you. It might be a family heirloom or something you collected on your travels--just remember less is more!



Complementary Colors



When you are designing a smaller space, you want to use wall and floor colors that are a neutral color and complement each other. This will make your rooms feel larger, and they will flow like one space instead of looking like they are all separate spaces.



Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great way to add color and texture to a small space. You can use them over wall to wall carpeting as well, and the great news is that they have become very affordable so you can change them out when you want a new look without breaking the bank.



Creative Lighting



We are madly in love with the new lighting fixtures that Clayton is including in their homes. From creative kitching lighting to unique living room lighting, using distinctive pendant lighting or an artisan chandelier adds personality (and light!) to a room without taking up a lot of space.



Have Fun



Have fun designing your new space and don’t be afraid to try something new. Move things around if you change your mind.


This is your home and it should be all about your lifestyle and family. Enjoy your new Clayton home!

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